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Everything About Raw


Everything About Raw

Best Puppy Food is Homemade


Best Puppy Food is Homemade

DIY Raw Dog Food


DIY Raw Dog Food

Is Raw Meat & Bone Safe


Is Raw Meat & Bone Safe?

How to Safely Feed a Dog Bones


How to Safely Feed a Dog Bones

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Fresh Dog Food Recipes

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Arthritis in Dogs

Health Issues

Arthritis in Dogs

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Health Issues

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Health Issues

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Something Smells at the Veterinary Evidence Journal…

December 5th, 2018|Dog Health, Dog Nutrition|

Following on From Yesterday's Post, Here is Another Example of a "Study" Published by the Veterinary Journal That Leaves far Questions Asked Than Answered. Something is Going on... Another recent work by Veterinary Evidence Journal. This one authored by a lady with a degree in science, entitled "In Adult Dogs, Does Feeding a Raw Food Diet Increase the Risk of [...]

A Constant and Exhausting Tide of Poo…

December 4th, 2018|Uncategorized|

It's a Constant and Exhausting Tide of Bullshit. That's Their Plan. A new "knowledge summary" (a clever way of avoid the use of the word "review", which it most certainly is not) study in the highly enlightened Veterinary Evidence journal (I would have put Evidence in italics if FB provided the function), entitled "In Dogs, Does Feeding Raw Dietary Treats [...]

  • raw dog food recall

Some points on two recent raw dog food recalls…

November 28th, 2018|Dog Nutrition|

Some points on two recent raw dog food recalls and how they compare to dry pet food recalls... There has been a variety of raw dog food recalls in the past. In 2011, one of Australia's biggest raw dog food producers, V.I.P. PetFood, was caught using dangerously high amounts of sulfur dioxide in their products, 435 times the level claimed on [...]

  • Medivet does not support raw feeders

Medivet Top Brass Appears not to Support Raw Feeders…

November 16th, 2018|Dog Health, dog interest|

UK Raw Feeders, Consider who you Spend Your Money With... Below you'll find Medivets statement on raw feeding, released internally, which was emailed to me by a vet working for the group. All the usual guff. It's funny, if you substitute the word "raw" for "dry food" their statement actually makes more sense if we were to go by the [...]

The RFVS Conference 2018!

November 14th, 2018|dog interest|

The RFVS Conference 2018, What a Phenomenal Weekend... Me speaking at the RFVS Conference 2018 A few months back the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society took me in as a non-vet consultant. I was really proud about that. All the people I would consider peers are in there, from Billinghurst to Becker to Thompson, and a few others including [...]

Want to learn more?! Book me in for a seminar…

If you were a zoo keeper the most important question you would want to know the answer to would be “what does this animal eat”, it being at the very heart of his health care. The word “carnivore” or “omnivore is not enough. This section (60mins) and covers:

  • Carnivore or Omnivore: An Introduction.
  • Evolution and ancestry of the dog
  • The diet of wild and free roaming dogs
  • The digestive machinery of the dog
  • What is kibble? How is it made and what’s it made with?
  • What is good protein, carbohydrates and fats?
  • Salt, vitamin and mineral contents
  • Chemical usage
  • Pet food safety
  • What does complete mean?
  • Who are the pet food police?
  • What is the best dry food
  • What is the ideal dog diet?
  • What is raw dog food / BARF
  • Benefits of fresh food
  • Safety of fresh feeding
  • Risks and pitfalls
  • How to make fresh dog food, how to introduce it and other FAQ
  • Best products on the market, ones to avoid
  • Power additions
  • Best treats
  • Fleas, worms, ticks
  • Kennel cough
  • Leptospirosis
  • Vaccinations and boosters
  • Food Allergy
  • Anal Glands
  • Arthritis
  • Colitis
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Ears, Sore, Infected
  • Eyes, Weepy
  • Fat Dogs
  • Gut Issues
  • Hot Spots
  • Hyperactivity
  • Itch
  • Kidney Disease
  • Neutering & Alternatives
  • Pancreatitis
  • Skin Conditions
  • Weepy Eyes
Vets are smart people. It’s a tough course, hard to get into and the job highly demanding on every measure. So you might wonder how have things gotten to the point that we must debate the use of fresh ingredients in cats and dogs over processed products that lack a single scientific study which compared dry and fresh fed populations? The answer might not surprise you but the details absolutely will.

  • Bad science gets results – a look at the state of the human drug sector and the “science” used to fuel it.
  • Worrying trends of corporate vet industry ownership
  • A look at pet food pseudoscience
  • How to separate reliable information from industry nonsense

Seminar Testimonials

“In a riveting and highly detailed presentation chock-full of references and spiced with Irish humour, Conor led us through the intricacies of dry dog food and how it affects the health of our dogs…”

Turid Rugaas, Author of Calming Signals (Dog Symposium 2015, Norway)

“Dr Brady is a leading light in the Irish raw food and nutrition for dogs scene. His talks are full of gems of information, they’re entertaining and you’ll never come away without being made to think. I’m a fan.”

Nick Thompson, UK Holistic Vet & President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society

“A million thanks on behalf of the IADSA Committee for your talk at our 3-day event this year! Our members spoke very highly and enthusiastically about what they had learnt…”

Niamh Ashmore, Secretary of Irish Agility & Dog Sports Association, May 2016

“I attended Conor’s Natural Dog Seminar 2017 in Dublin and loved it so much that I invited him to do the same seminar in Switzerland. He agreed without hesitation. It was a valuable day…”

Aileen Woulfe, Organiser of Natural Dog Conference, Montreux, Switzerland, 2017

“We were delighted to have Conor over to our college to speak to our class. It was a brilliant talk, a real eye-opener and the students thought you were amazing! The fresh food message…”

Ana O’Donnell, Animal Care Course Coordinator, Ormonde College, Kilkenny

“I invited Conor to give a talk to the Animal care students at B.I.F.E. They were fascinated by all the facts he gave them about canine nutrition. They went home determined to change what…”

Delma Rae, Tutor at Bray Institute of Further Education

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Raw Feeding Vet Society Conference

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Who we are and what we do

Like you I’m a total dog nut. My background includes a doctorate studying the effects of diet on animal behaviour and five years in Guide Dogs (Ireland and Australia) as a trainer and Pup Supervisor. For the last six years, I have been neck deep in canine nutrition, from making the food itself (ending with some success on Dragons Den in 2013) to conducting international nutritional seminars for vets, canine professionals and public alike. I’m now a dedicated advocate of fresh, natural nutrition and health for dogs and a better all round deal for squeezed pet owners worldwide. I’m proud father to Dudley, a slightly odd black and white Cocker Spaniel. What he lacks in brains and grace he makes up for with determination (though to be fair this could apply to the both of us).

Conor Brady and Dudley

More on Dr. Brady here!

The current veterinary focus of treating symptoms with powerful, synthetic drugs when they pop up instead of treating or ideally avoiding the root cause of the illness is plain wrong. I can say with experience that the vast majority of stubborn, recurring health conditions in dogs (from recurring skin and gut conditions to organ disease and cancer) is more often than down to an inappropriate diet, largely a cereal-based dry food for what is very clearly a meat eater. A simple change to a fresh, biologically appropriate diet pays off instantly. It’s such a simple concept, a fresh protein and fresh fat diet, rich in powerful nutrition and taste and so, so easy to do, yet it’s rarely considered. Why do you think this is?

The truth is pet owners are a great market for rubbish products, from entirely inappropriate processed foods and “treats” such as dental sticks instead of a nice fresh, free meaty bone to chemical flea and worm control for dogs with no fleas and worms and annual boosters for animals already adequately vaccinated for viruses (Pasteur is rolling in his grave). The whole circus is fuelled by fear and rubbish science, all an attempt to make you hand over all your decision making and eventually your cash.

Dogs First’s mission is to change this. You guys need to do a little reading to the great benefit of your best friend. Spend ten minutes on my site and tell me I’m wrong. Our aim is that 25% of Irish vets recommending fresh ingredients for dogs by 2020. So far I think we have 7 on board. Only 3000 to go!

Everyone wants the best info and they always want it independent. I think most people believe they are independent, I certainly do and am happy to fully disclose all my revenue streams. So here’s how I can (just about) afford to write full time and keep the lights on while I do it:

After leaving guide dogs I began seminars on fresh canine nutrition that were poorly attended by the veterinary community. Disheartened, I tried a new approach and started a raw dog food company in 2010, a company I moved on in 2013 (producing it isn’t half as much fun as teaching it). Since then, I have been operating independently, effectively as a canine nutrition consultant. Like most others in my position, I have helped numerous fresh dog food companies get off the ground and sometimes I recommend them (e.g. amy Paleo Ridge UK ad in the header! Best dog food out there – ethical, outdoor meat only, organic where possible, what’s not to love!!! Ha ha). I am contractually bound to none and am still a free agent in every respect but, as I’m sure you’ll understand, there’s little point in me promoting these companies for nothing. I have kids to feed and still promote real, whole ingredients you can see over any pre-made product.

Other revenue streams include my seminars which luckily take me all over the world. I do the occasional nutrition consult for folks that didn’t find the answer from my site and some revenue is earned from the online sale of a few supplements, many of which I co-formulated. Also, within my health articles, if there is a product that I use or know would greatly benefit a dog, I will link out to the cheapest but best-reviewed products I can find on Amazon. I can get 8% on that sale. As you will find, I do not do this often and I always tell people they are heading there (more on Affiliate Disclosure here).

Proud Consultant to the RFVS!

Raw Feeding Veterinary Society

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