About Dogs First

We know that good, fresh ingredients is central to our health, the health of our zoo animals, livestock and every animal on the planet, to everything except dogs? Are we to believe that the same companies that have failed to make a suitable alternative to fresh food for humans have somehow managed to do it for our dogs?!

We’re here to tell you that they absolutely have not. The ones saying otherwise either make the stuff or sell it. The truth is dogs are carnivores. They need fresh meat, and are significantly healthier when fed upon it. The information on this site will show you how. It’s easy, cheaper and infinitely better for your dog. The differences will be apparent almost immediately.

Once you question their food it’s our hope you don’t stop there. Question everything. Flea treatments for dogs with no fleas? Worm treatments for dogs with no worms? Annual boosters for an animal already properly vaccinated, against the advice of the worlds top independent veterinary immunologists?! Not only are these products unnecessary and a waste of your money but they are far from perfectly harmless.

Key questions such as these are the driving force behind Dogs First.

About Dr. Conor Brady

I, like you, am a dog nut…