Types of Consultations…

Today, a large part of my income comes from consultations, most of which are done via zoom these days. I have separated them into three distinct offerings. Please note, prior to booking a nutritional consult, you MUST DOWNLOAD the questionnaire and submit it with your booking. This will save us all time (and money!). 

Many pet owners and vets alike come to the raw table slightly bamboozled or with a pet with specific health needs. For the last five years I have been guiding such clients, advising on the most suitable diet, tailored to various types and conditions, and walking them through the process. While I can certainly advise on many nutritional supplements and natural health tips, I cannot advise medically, that’s what vets are for. My job is to help you avoid them, if at all possible. 

Your 1hr booking includes me preparing for said meeting (10-15mins), a 30-minute zoom consult and a follow-on email with a recap of what we discussed and how you proceed with them in terms of diet and, if necessary, natural supplements.

One follow-on email is included, should it be necessary.

Please download the below questionnaire and submit it with your booking… 

Download the pet health Questionnaire 

From my guide dog days, I have a wealth of experience settling pups into their homes and training the dogs (and families) up during that crucial first year of their life. I will advise on what you need in preparation for their arrival, those first few nights, some training tips for the years ahead and, of course, the best nutrition and simple, natural health.

Your 1hr booking involves a 45min zoom call. Best you have prepared any questions in advance on a piece of paper. I can give you a quick spiel of the necessities and we can address each of your questions thereafter. I will then send you a summary email with attachments and links concerning key topics discussed (takes me 15-20mins to prepare).

Includes one follow-on email should you have any other questions.

I have a substantial knowledge of the pet market and have proven to be one step ahead more than once in the last decade. I have track record of getting a range of successful pet foods and supplements to market. I understand manufacturing, design, successful marketing, costing and price. My knowledge of canine nutrition aids in sourcing, helps you avoid pitfalls and should give your products a competitive edge. I’ve got a solid following and I’ve developed a few connections. Most of all, I love talking shop. If you’re starting off, I’d be happy to help where I can.

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