dog skin issues

Dog skin issues is the number one reason dogs visit the vet today. That’s the bad news. The good news is there is LOTS you can do about it and almost all the tips we provide do not involve expensive food or meds or invasive, wallet-destroying therapies.

Recurring dog skin issues suggests that something is constantly going in or on your dog and it is causing his immune system to complain resulting in inflammation. This inflammation can materialise as anything from a hot spot, to an itchy skin rash, nibbly toes, weepy eyes, recurring gut conditions (which is skin, after all) to name but a few.

If you do not treat the cause of these symptoms you will be repeatedly going down to your vet for the powerful synthetic drugs that tell the immune system to quit complaining. Like a plaster on gangrene this is not the route to good health.

Here at Dogs First, we get a lot of dogs with skin issues. The advice is always the same – get them off all the packets, that’s first. Feed a simple, fresh natural, hypoallergenic dog food with some natural additions you can pick up in the supermarket or local health store. Then try a few of our homemade remedies for dog skin issues.

Botanica, For Skin Conditions in Dogs

Botanica, Natures Healing Energy So, who's heard of Botanica?! As we're now stocking them! Botanica is an Irish company making natural products that target the heal and repair of a great variety of common skin conditions…

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