fleas on dogs

So many vets seem terribly concerned for fleas on dogs. This is hard to understand when so few doctors seem so un-concerned for nits on children! Moreover, there is no chemical available to us that we are advised to on our child’s neck whereby, should a nit have a nibble two weeks later, it would drop down dead. It’s the very same in dogs.

There is no good reason to treat fleas on dogs unless you actually find some. That’s first. We show you how to do that. Then, should you find an issue, there is many simple, natural ways of sorting out, all without the need of a chemical that you should keep out of reach of children and wash your hands with after use (but then go and pat your dog a few minutes later…).

Fleas are a fact of life. In fact, they are more of a symptom than anything else. Fleas only infest the weak and vulnerable (the sick, the old and the very young). A good, strong immune system keeps them at bay.

So please folks, fleas on dogs are the least of your concerns. We give you all the info you need to ensure a) fleas are kept at bay and b) should you detect an issue, how to rid of them on your dog and about the home.