IBS in dogs

IBS in dogs is one of the most common reasons for visiting the vet today. It is not normal and absolutely avoidable. In our opinion, it is a direct result of what is going into your dog. What you now take OUT is vital.

The majority of IBS in dogs is caused by highly unnatural, ultra-processed dry food. And the majority of these dogs are fixed by removing all packet food and feeding them a simple, natural, hypoallergenic raw dog food diet.

This is why vets often put them on “chicken and rice”, which we don’t recommend ourselves but the dog actually can do quite well on in the short term. Sadly, vets today only leave dogs on this food until “the right bag” of ultra-processed garbage is found! He will never recover this way.

If you have a dog with an IBS diagnosis, perhaps a new road is needed? We at Dogs First show you how. Give us two weeks. If we’re wrong, that bag of dry food and all his meds will be sitting in the cupboard waiting for you. We will ensure they are not used again.