Before emailing me…

Hi folks. While I appreciate many of you are desperately confused, particularly when most conventional vets are still terrified at the concept of fresh food for our pets, we’re getting an awful lot of emails here, all requests for help. Unfortunately, this is unsustainable as it’s just me here. So, please consider the following before emailing me:

  • You can’t use me like a free vet. I have taken a lot of time to write really in-depth and science-supported articles to help you. Most of my stuff is up there. If you need more help than my Raw FAQ articles can provide you should visit a natural vet that has studied nutrition or any decent canine nutritionist. These cost money but they are best placed to give you time to get you through your situation. I’d first consider any of the raw feeding forums on Facebook though, plenty of folk on there with a bit more time than me.
  • Most health questions to me would be answered had the person read the appropriate article on my site beforehand. Thus, if you have a health question regarding your dog or cat, please first go to our health section. Laid out alphabetically, all my advice as to why your dog is in that situation and what to do are in there. Any emails concerning anything that is already written about will be ignored until the article is read. Hope you understand.

That said, feel free to get in touch!