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Dogs are ten times more likely to get cancer than humans. A staggering stat when they can’t light their won cigarettes. What I mean is, we give them the best, don’t we? That’s what we have been sold but sadly, with only 5% of cancers now thought to be genetic inevitabilties, the sad fact is 95% of cancers caused by environmental factors. This means something we are doing or putting in or on or around the dog is almost certainly a factor in their diagnosis. There is no factor more important than what we put in their bowl. We believe, in order to achieve the greatest possible result in your dog right now, a little time is now needed to understand better what it is a dog should be fed, including why carbohydrates are not only the likely cause but play no role in the solution and how to fresh feed your dog with cancer.

  • Chapter 6 of Feeding Dogs, entitled "Carbohydrates"
  • Slide handout, 3 slides per page