The first case of Salmonella transmission from raw dog food

The first suspected case of Salmonella from raw dog food has occurred, here's what to do and how to officially report an incident... It comes with no surprise but with some dismay that the first suspected case of Salmonella from raw dog food to a human has been reported in the US. The Minnesota Department of Health found that two children became sick after pets in their home ate raw ground turkey pet [...]

Grain-free dry foods linked to DCM in dogs…but it’s not as simple as that

Grain-free dry food linked to cases of Dilated Cardio Myopathy in hundreds of dogs but it's not just grain-free you need to be wary of... I think many of you are now aware of the new scandal to hit dry food, this time it's causing DCM in dogs, previously thought to be solely a genetic issue (like megaesophagus), such is the power of a grossly incorrect diet I guess. The FDA [...]

Why I think Paleo Ridge is one of the best raw dog foods

Paleo Ridge, in my opinion, is the best raw dog food available in Ireland and the UK. Here are all the reasons why... Every day of every week I get asked what raw dog food I recommend. Each time I say, following years on the inside of the raw dog food and meat industry, it's best if you can use butchers for your meat needs and make your own [...]

A Conversation with Terrierman: a mean little bully with no balls

Just had the most insane conversation with blogger Terrierman. Here's the entire to and fro! In good faith, a friend of mine contacted me a while back and asked had I heard of Terrierman's (a.k.a Pat Burns) blog. I hadn't. She sent me some links to some of his stuff that I might like, which I did. He really doesn't like vets teaming up with the drug companies etc, something [...]

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Nettle effective at treating seasonal allergy in dogs – how to prepare

How to prepare a simple Nettle remedy which should be effective for treating seasonal allergy in dogs Studies show that when taken orally, an extract made of common garden nettle (Urtica dioica) can inhibit several key inflammatory events that cause the symptoms of seasonal allergies, such as reducing histamine activity (part of the immune reaction that makes you itchy and why you might take anti-histamine) as well as the inhibition of [...]

Herbs to Reduce Stress in Dogs

Study finds ginger, vanilla, coconut and valerian root are effective at reducing activity and vocalisations in kenneled dogs...might help with a stressed dog at home Researchers exposed 15 dogs in shelter surroundings to a cloth with each of the scents on it for 2hrs then recorded their behaviour. They found: • Vanilla and valerian reduce activity and vocalisations in kennelled dogs. • Coconut and ginger reduce activity and vocalisations in kennelled dogs. [...]

Once McDonalds brought out the salad, they were doomed!!!

"Once McDonald's brought out the salad, they were doomed"! These are the words of Bill Burr, my favourite comedian. He was being interviewed on the Tonight Show when he took the perhaps unpopular stance that he felt sorry for McDonald's. His point was that once they started serving healthy options like salads and sliced apple they were practically admitting to the world that their food was fattening. In this way, [...]

Seaweed For Dogs of all Types is a Very, Very Good Idea…

Seaweed For Dogs of all Types is a Very, Very Good Idea... Seaweed has been a popular food supplement of ours for more than 8,000 years and yet still we know so little about it. For example, people use the word "kelp" (Laminaria), the stuff that grows in underwater forests, as if there was only one kind of seaweed out there where there are actually 10,000 of them out there under [...]

Dog Crates – How to Use Them Properly and Size Guide

Dog Crates - How to Use Them Properly and a Handy Crate Size Guide! Most pups are crate trained these days. Pups love their crate like a den as long as it is used correctly, and always positively! Never put your pup in anger if she is “naughty” as they may become negatively associated with their bed as a result. Her crate is a safe, hazard-free area where she will [...]

Feeding Vegetables to Dogs

A comprehensive review of the pros and cons of feeding dogs vegetables, and best advice... Of all the ingredients we can put in their bowl, none create more debate than the mention of feeding vegetables to dogs. A quick trip around the forums reveals a lot of cliques. From the prey model to the lots-of-fruit-and-veggies groups (the latter need a snazzier name) and everyone in between, there are a lot [...]

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