Something Smells at the Veterinary Evidence Journal…

Following on From Yesterday’s Post, Here is Another Example of a “Study” Published by the Veterinary Journal That Leaves far Questions Asked Than Answered. Something is Going on… Another recent work by Veterinary Evidence Journal. This one authored by a lady with a degree in science, entitled “In Adult Dogs, Does Feeding a Raw Food Diet Increase the Risk of Urinary Calculi Formation Compared to Feeding a Complete Dry Kibble […]

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A Constant and Exhausting Tide of Poo…

It’s a Constant and Exhausting Tide of Bullshit. That’s Their Plan. A new “knowledge summary” (a clever way of avoid the use of the word “review”, which it most certainly is not) study in the highly enlightened Veterinary Evidence journal (I would have put Evidence in italics if FB provided the function), entitled “In Dogs, Does Feeding Raw Dietary Treats Reduce or Prevent Periodontal Disease?“, and by “treats” they mean, […]

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Some points on two recent raw dog food recalls…

Some points on two recent raw dog food recalls and how they compare to dry pet food recalls… There has been a variety of raw dog food recalls in the past. In 2011, one of Australia’s biggest raw dog food producers, V.I.P. PetFood, was caught using dangerously high amounts of sulfur dioxide in their products, 435 times the level claimed on the packet. Used as a preservative, most often of […]

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Medivet Top Brass Appears not to Support Raw Feeders…

UK Raw Feeders, Consider who you Spend Your Money With… Below you’ll find Medivets statement on raw feeding, released internally, which was emailed to me by a vet working for the group. All the usual guff. It’s funny, if you substitute the word “raw” for “dry food” their statement actually makes more sense if we were to go by the actual data or number of dogs and humans harmed. The […]

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The RFVS Conference 2018!

The RFVS Conference 2018, What a Phenomenal Weekend… A few months back the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society took me in as a non-vet consultant. I was really proud about that. All the people I would consider peers are in there, from Billinghurst to Becker to Thompson, and a few others including Lyn Tompson (a vet from NZ who owns the “Raw Essentials” brand) and vet scientists conducting invaluable research including […]

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Funny Dog Tags US

Personalised Dog Tags and Collars

Engraved dog collars and dog tags! My brother’s shop in Greystones, Co. Wicklow just started engraving dog tags and they’re walking out the door. Made me think how little you see this service available today, so I went looking online. Unsurprisingly, there’s a whole host of services. Looking at just Amazon, here’s what I found in terms of engraved dog collars and engraved dog tags. I tried to filter out […]

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Raw Green Tripe

This is Going to get Worse Before it Gets Worse…

Four STEC Infections; one Person Dead After Exposure to Raw Pet Food (but not Really) When you read a title like the above on Food Safety News concerning some humans apparently getting poisoned by raw green tripe, you think you’re going to read something interesting, enlightening or in the least fact driven but it turns out it’s yet another example of the media talking….well, tripe. It turns out all four […]

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feeding dogs bones

Do Raw Meaty Bones Cause Fractures: The Results

We asked 290 Raw and Dry Feeders if Raw Meaty Bones Cause Tooth Fractures, Here are the Results of 541 Dogs… This was the informal questionnaire put to both raw and dry feeders on my Facebook page over the weekend. Some data was excluded on the basis of incorrect submissions. Any folk that said they had multiple dogs over years but did not specify how many were put in as […]

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Bakers Complete Meaty Meals Small Dog Beef 1Kg

More stealth labelling techniques by the industry: Is it meal or not?!

I was in with a vet some weeks ago, doing a friendly bit of nutritional re-education. A question popped up about Nestlé Purina’s new way of stating how much meat is in their dry food… This was a new one to me but then, let’s face it, only a fool would say they were on top of all the shenanigans in labelling requirements in Pet Food Land. Let’s take Bakers […]

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Where are you on the dog food scale?!

Where are you on the dog food scale?! There is such a range of pet foods now available to the pet owner these days that it can become quite confusing. Every day I am sent links to products by folk asking me is this good or bad for my dog. So I thought I’d do up a dog food scale of what’s hot and what’s not in pet food terms […]

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