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Get your FREE chapter of my book, Feeding Dogs!

Get your FREE chapter of my book, Feeding Dogs!

I’ll be speaking at the Longevity Summit this year. It’s a subject close to my heart. There is so much we can do to extend the life (and quality of that life) of our pets. Of all factors, undoubtedly, the most important is food. Good food is your medicine and all that and bad food is surely the opposite. Like us, it’s crucial your pet gets fresh, unprocesssed, biologically appropriate food. If you’re confused, my book Feeding Dogs will show you how (it is proudly rated the BEST of 48 canine nutrition books by!).


Feeding Dogs details not only what a dog needs to eat (and why kibble is so bad) but Section 3 gets into why our vets today are still so confused on the matter. That section begins with a look at the science supporting the modern human food and pharma sector. I believe this is one of the most important chapters in the book as it details just how financially corrupted our knowledge centres, journals and regulators have become. It highlights how doctors and modern medicine as a whole have been hijacked, that despite the fact we have never munched more drugs to try and stem the flow, almost all of our chronic diseases are continuing their upward trend.

But its not working. Longevity is humans (and pets) is now going the opposite way. We have gone very wrong. The modern approach is NOT working, bringing events like the Longevity Summit into sharp focus.

Longevity Summit 2022

Below I provide you the introduction to my book AND Chapter 16 for free, I hope you enjoy it.

(My book is a monster, more than 500 pages, more than 1200 references. Such a tome may not be for everyone. You can always check out our growing list of short, cheap, pay-per-view courses on various topics including a 1hr course on what do dogs eat (which comes with the ENTIRE first section of my book!), a doozy of a dark one on AAFCO and pet food regulation (that comes with a chunk of book too!) and probably the most popular today which is the COLOSSAL role of nutrition on the behaviour of dogs (nearly 2hrs!).

As always, I appreciate the support guys. See you all at the summit!


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