New Poll: Is Your dog Neutered?

New Poll: Is Your dog Neutered?

Results of last week’s poll, where we asked if you have pet health insurance or not, are in. It was practically a dead heat the entire time, finishing with 78/154 (51%) of you saying “yes” you have health insurance for them! Very interesting.

Our new poll is trying to dig a little into the health of your pets. A hot topic here two weeks ago was the neutering debate. It never fails to muster a strong response. We are all concerned for the despicable amount of dogs being slaughtered in our pounds, charities struggling to keep up with waves and waves of unwanted pets.

A question that nobody yet has the answer for is what percentage of Irish dog owners neuter their pets?

I’m really interested in the outcome of this one, so please, if you have friends with dogs, share this post with them. The more votes we get the more relevant the result. I want 500!


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Dr. Conor Brady

After a doctorate studying the effects of nutrition on the behaviour and gut morphology of animals, five years with Guide Dogs as a trainer and supervisor, some success on Dragons Den with the finest raw dog food company and the last few years both writing and speaking on canine nutrition and health, I can say with some confidence that the pet food and drug industry cares not a jot for the health of your pet.