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Sorry, but I have banned myself from posting here or on my Facebook Page until the book comes our April 2020! A necessary punishment. But don’t worry, I’ll be back, super charged and extra large. I’m already amassing some doozies…!​

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Zoopharmacognosy Continued: The first two tastes were fine…which turns out is a bit of a worry…! Just a follow on from the Zoopharmacognosy Facebook post yesterday entitled “Give Raw Garlic But Separately to the Food” re garlic selecting in dogs.

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New to Raw?

Frequently asked questions about raw, answered!

It can be confusing at the start. So many opinions. So many products. Here’s everything you need to know about raw dog food, from the why to the how. Grab a cup of tea and dig in…MORE 

The only way to be sure they’re getting the best stuff, and in the quantities needed, is to make it yourself. It’s easy (after the first time!), saves you money and is certainly the best way to feed your dog…MORE

It can be hard to shrug off lot of the BS spewed out by processed pet food industry. So we lay out what we know about canine nutrition with some cool, short videos…MORE

Like a lot of the canine information out there, this one is dreadfully confused. Dogs need raw meaty bones buys. There’s no two ways about it. Here’s how to feed them safely…MORE

A dog will bury a meaty bone in the ground and dig the rotten thing up a week for a re-chew. Ever wondered why he doesn’t get Salmonella?! Raw meat is not only safe, it’s vital…MORE

The Health Corner

The natural solution to a variety of health issues

Itchy dogs are the number one reason folk visit this site. We can say with authority that the majority of itch in dogs is caused by a food sensitivity. Here’s the Top 10 tips before the vet is called…MORE

Do you have a dog with a recurring skin, ear or gut infection? Well, you’re not alone as they’re the top three reasons for visiting the vet today. It’s almost always related to a processed diet. Here’s what to do, the simple, natural, definitive way…MORE

Everyone seems to accept that their middle-aged dog is beginning to stiffen up, like it’s normal for this long distance running machine of an animal. Here’s top tips to reduce that inflammation in his joints…MORE

For the love dog, please stop using chemical preventatives in your pet. Like your kid going to school, they might pick up something. No biggie. Here’s the natural approach to parasite avoidance and treatments….MORE

Ever wonder why dogs need to be re-vaccinated every year but humans just get them once as babies? The top vet immunologists are begging for the practice to stop. Here’s why and the best vaccination advice for your pup…MORE

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I’ve been doing this a long time, studying and reporting on the pet industry from the inside out. It’s clear there is today a terrible amount of bad information out there, much of it a result of the unregulated influx of corporate cash into our veterinary sector. We’ll do our best to protect you from the worst of it but for now trust absolutely nothing in a packet with a picture of a dog on it. Question everything.

Dr. Conor Brady

M.D. Dogs First

Home Dogs First

Dogs First was born in 2010. Before that I was happily pursuing a career in Guide Dogs, working as a pup supervisor and guide dog trainer. My background meant I was always fixated with diet. Various happenings lead me more towards raw but it was only when I encountered the veterinary brick wall that I began to suspect something was askew. That threw me back into research, writing and lecturing full time.

In 2010 and formed Dogs First, a place to post my findings. I hope for Dogs First to be a resource of no nonsense, well-researched, factual information on all things canine nutrition and natural health. 

  • Grew up in Wicklow, Ireland
  • Graduated with BSc. Hons from UCD, Ireland, 2002
  • Graduated with a PhD studying the effects of nutrition on the behaviour and gut morphology of mammals 
  • Joined Guide Dogs Ireland in 2006 as Pup Supervisor
  • Joined Guide Dogs Australia in 2009 as Guide Dog Trainer and Supervisor 
  • Natural Dog Seminar begins 2010
  • Returned to Ireland 2011, formed Dogs First
  • Formed Ireland’s first raw dog food company in 2012, had some success on Dragons Den 2013 (I didn’t take the investment, it was purely to get in front of the masses!) and moved it on a year later
  • Full-time writing, researching and lecturing since 2015
  • Live with wife and daughter and insane cocker spaniel Dudley (what he lacks in brains and delicacy he makes up for with very repetitive determination, very much like his owner) in Wicklow, Ireland

I have a number of very small revenue streams coming in from this site. One is from the retail of my (highly effective, see below!!) seaweed-based supplements from my site. Any targetted at specific conditions have a money-back guarantee they’ll do the job.

I also, albeit rarely, link to some Amazon products that I think you might might need or find useful (as an Amazon Associate I then earn from qualifying those purchases). I receive a very small percentage of your first sale. I don’t block access to my good stuff or ask for subscriptions but I do ask for donations at the bottom of my my more vital articles (this nets me around €3 per day!).

I also link out to one or two raw dog food companies as they sell fantastic, ethical, organic raw dog food which, as a veggie, is the only stuff I can promote and sleep at night.

I have no contracts, no ties to be big companies, nothing. I wish I could accept a nice big sponsor but I just can’t be associated with any of the crap out there, and they’re the ones with the money. This means I’m pretty poor but I’m free to do and say as I please, as you’re about to find out.

Our premium, Irish-made products are shipped worldwide and we're happy to talk with stockists...

Oculus Prime

Consisting of mix of seaweeds and a red moss, Oculus Prime is a unique and entirely natural solution for weepy eyes in dogs. Highly effective, it comes with a money-back guarantee


StoolRite comprises of fibre taken from seaweed. It bulks the dogs stool, easing both diarrohea and constipation and has a money-back guarantee it will work to fix anal-gland issues


A very popular seaweed and organic herb mix, Biofunction8 that is targetted at gut healing and recouperation. Only €16 for 150g, testimonies have called BF8 “kelp on steroids”!

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