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Probiotic Kennel Cleaner – 1L Concentrate


Effective, Pet-Friendly Cleaner for Sensitive & Allergic Pets

Lucaa+ Pet “Stay” Cleaner is a pet-friendly, multi-surface cleaner specifically designed for the hard surfaces used by your pet. It’s suitable for all pets, including dogs, cats, reptiles and birds and young pets such as kittens and puppies. You can use it in a dog run or as a natural cat or rabbit litter tray cleaner. It’s also a great cleaner of carriers, cages and hutches.

Instead of harmful toxins in normal chemical cleaners, Lucaa+ Stay Cleaner is made from eco-surfactants and probiotics, making it the smarter choice for pets that are particularly sensitive to environmental challenges.

And it does more than clean dirt. Adding healthy ‘good’ bacteria (probiotics) helps to restore healthy balance at a microbial level. By outcompeting the bad guys, they reduce the risk of bacterial infections as well as consuming the bio-allergens such as dust mite poop and pollen that can cause skin and respiratory allergies.

The helpful probiotics also eliminate the root causes of unpleasant pet odours, including ammonia from urine. This means there is no need for chemical air fresheners to mask smells.

  • Specially designed for living areas (kennels, astroturf, litter trays, cages, etc.)
  • Excellent cleaning and odour-eliminating properties.
  • Removes deep ingrained organic matter over time (think mushed in wee and poo!).
  • Optimises the microflora, creating a clean and healthy environment.
  • Eco-friendly concentrate formula for dilution.
  • This cleaner is also PETA certified as vegan and cruelty-free.

The concentrated formula of our pet-friendly cleaner is economical as well as better for the environment. Choose the dilution you need depending on the dirtiness of the area you are cleaning: One litre makes 66 – 100 litres when diluted, at a cost of only 25p – 37p a litre!

Remove visible dirt, nesting materials and bedding. Shake before use. Add 100 – 150ml of LUCAA+ Pet Stay Cleaner Concentrate to 10 litres of warm water. Clean the surfaces and rinse thoroughly and carefully with lukewarm water. Always follow equipment safety instructions when using high-pressure cleaning devices.

For best results, clean kennels, hutches, cages and other housing as often as you clean your home.


Water >30%
Anionic surfactants <5 – 15%
Non-ionic surfactants <5%
Biological agents – microorganisms EU Group 1
Natural lemon scent <1%

Weight1000 g