The move to raw can be a bit daunting at first. A lot of money has spent to convince us that while we can feed our children OK our dog is another matter. Truth is your worst effort is going to be better than the best dry food out there…more>
The most important question in animal husbandry is so dreadfully confused in dogs. How is that?! Here’s the low down on what domestic dogs eat, left to their own devices…more>
The promises of a fresh diet sound too good to be true, this is why we rather you simply do a two week trial and see for yourself. In short you can expect an almost instant positive effect on their coat condition, muscle tone, dental hygiene, behaviour, organ condition and much more…more>
All dogs are different as our chart and free calculator will show you but the average adult dog requires 2.5% of their body weight, per day. So, for example, a 7kg adult Westie needs 1% of their body weight (70g) multiplied by 2.5 (175g) per day in feed. Pups need a lot more…more>
The first time you have calamari you don’t want to see the squid. Take it easy. One spoon one meal, two the next etc. Give their systems time to adjust…more>
After a life time of a high salt, dry processed diet, dogs can get very used to what they are eating. One or two may need a little convincing. No problem. They all jump. Here’s some tricks you may need to consider…more>
You are now feeding a fresh meat diet and meat is expensive compared to the weetabix you have been feeding. That said prices can range from €3/kg to as little as €1/kg…more>
The fresh feeding market is exploding so there’s going to be good products and bad ones. Here’s the low down…more>
You don’t have to buy anyone’s products. You can make it yourself and save yourself some pennies. It’s easy and very rewarding. Here’s how…more>
Today 9/10 dogs are dry fed. It happens that 9/10 dogs have gum disease by the age of three. It also happens that 9/10 dogs do not get raw meaty bones in their diet. Who thinks this is a coincidence? Fresh meaty bones are VITAL to dogs. They need them for many reasons. Here’s how to feed them safely…more>
No, absolutely not. In fact studies show the very opposite is the case. Why? Dry food is full of mood altering carbs (sugar) and chemicals. Think kids after a birthday party…more>
There is a surprising amount of confusion over this one. In short, yes you absolutely can mx the two, the same way you can have a ham sandwich. The trick is it should be done slowly to give their guts time to adjust…more>
There is no more important a time for good quality fresh food than when you are forming all those joints, organs and bones. Pups begin on their fresh meat diet from as early as 3 weeks. Here’s how to do it safely…more>
Don’t stress over what exactly they are consuming. Worry about it as much as you worry about it in yourself. As long as you are sticking very roughly to the 5:1:1 ratio you won’t go wrong. Still, folk starting out can be a bit stumped for a few recipe ideas. No problem, here’s a few to get you started…more>
Raw feed a pregnant bitch in much the same way as any other adult dog, that is to a ratio of 5:1:1. A couple of tweaks to this base diet at certain times is all that is necessary when feeding her through pregnancy and lactation. Here’s how…more>
Cats should not be forgotten in the whole fresh feeding conversation. Cats are total carnivores. Their raw diet looks similar to dogs though the do not want any veg at all. Aim for a ratio of approximately 4:1 (where 4 is meat and 1 is organ content). Here’s how…more>
While it is possible it is extremely difficult to have too much good quality protein. It would have to involve a diet of pure protein (chicken breast say) with no fat or anything else – which is rare to the point of being ridiculous. This myth has been carefully instilled so that dry food companies can lower the protein content (expensive) of their food in favour of cereal (cheap)…more>
The following list consists of things that REALLY should not be given to a dog as their metabolism is a little different. Excluded from this list is coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, copious amounts of salt every day and anything else that is just too obvious…more>