But, if the question is, “Is it ok mixing raw dog food with dry food?”, then the answer is yes, absolutely. A little fresh food is better than none. In fact, it’s how we advise people to introduce raw dog food in the first place, a teaspoon one meal, two the next etc.

mixing raw and dry dog food can result in an upset gut as the this cartoon pic of an upset stomach protraysMany people at this point ask is mixing raw and dry dog food safe. There is a lot of confusion over this point, which is a result of the following point. If I suddenly feed a large amount of fresh meat to a dog that has never eaten it before their guts will not be ready to digest such food. Dry fed dogs have stomach acids of around pH2.5 as this acidity suits the enzymes and digestive juices necessary for a cereal cased dry diet. He’s probably been eating it for years and his stomach has become digestively conditioned to the whole process. Just before dinner time you hear all the gurgling and squirting in his belly?! That’s all the digestive juices being released in anticipation of the dry meal. In some dogs if you introduce a large amount of raw food at this time it will fail to digest properly. Raw dog food requires a more natural and acidic gut environment of pH1.5, as we see in all carnivores.

When people see a dog bringing up his new raw meal at this time they incorrectly conclude that the dog “didn’t like his food” or that “you can’t mix raw and dry”. You can, but you should do it gradually, slowly acclimatising the gut to the new lower acidity level. Once down there he’ll be able to eat anything at all!

The fact is we’ve 15,000+ raw feeders on our Facebook page. It’s how we all started. No issues at all.

For more on the digestive anatomy of the dog check out our video below!