Fresh Dog Food Recipes, Quick and Easy

Find below some fresh dog food recipes because we all know a life spent eating dry dog food is no life at all. If anyone is under any illusion that dry food is anything but money making junk food then you need to sit back and have a think. Dogs absolutely need fresh food, same way we do and every other animal on the planet, and your dog’s case this means lots of fresh meat. If you’re new to the whole raw dog food idea please check out our article New To Raw Dog Food which should explain everything. If you’re just getting started or an old pro please find below a few fresh dog food recipes that I recommend. You can add or subtract what you like just try remember to the whole 5:1:1 ratio. Fresh Dog Food Recipes, Quick and Easy Dogs First

Standard Raw Dog Food Recipe

Energy Content: Low to Medium Makes: 21 kilograms Cost: €40 (approx. €2-2.50 per kilogram when buying your meat in bulk from online butchers) Ingredients:Fresh Dog Food Recipes, Quick and Easy Dogs First
  • 10kg fresh Irish chicken or turkey mince (with 10% bone)
  • 5kg fresh Irish red meat with 10% bone (duck, beef, pork)
  • 1kg beef or beef / pork liver
  • 1kg beef or beef / pork kidney
  • 1kg beef or beef / pork heart
  • 4 free range eggs
  • 2kg frozen veg (green beans, peas, carrots)
  • 10-20% filler (cooked / soaked porridge oats, boiled brown rice, boiled potatoes). Suitable if you’re short on cash (dry food is 50% filler, your filler is better), if you’re a veggie and weeping for the amount of meat your dog is eating, if you have a young or active dog or simply if you have some spare after dinner
  • cod liver oil tablets

Active/Puppy Raw Dog Food RecipeFresh Dog Food Recipes, Quick and Easy Dogs First

Energy Content: Medium or High Makes: 22 kilograms Cost: €44 (€2 per kilograms)


  • 5kg fresh Irish duck mince (with 10% bone)
  • 5kg of fatty Irish beef mince
  • 5kg fresh Irish chicken or turkey mince (with 10% bone)
  • 2kg beef or beef / pork liver
  • 1kg beef or beef / pork kidney
  • 1kg beef or beef / pork heart
  • 2kg bag of frozen veg (green beans, peas, carrots)
  • 6 eggs
  • 2kg boiled brown rice

Working Dog Food Recipe: Higher Calories

Take the chicken out of the above “Active Recipe” and use duck mince, increasing the calorie content of the meal further. Another option is to add more brown rice for the running breeds (fast carbohydrates).

Overweight Dog Food Recipe: Lower Calories

I’m not an advocate for feeding overweight dogs less food per se. I prefer to give them the same size meal but lower in calories. More on fat dogs here. First, check our dog food calculator and make sure you’re not over-feeding him. Next, use the “Standard Mix” but remove the red meat. Only use white meats such as chicken, turkey or fish mince in the mix as they’re much lower in calories. Also, watch the treats for at least a month (make your own based on lean meats such as chicken / turkey fillet).

Fresh Dog Food Recipes, Quick and Easy Dogs First

Foods to Add and Not Add

Excellent Additions

  • Other organ meats such as green tripe, spleen etc
  • Kelp: An excellent antioxidant and multivitamin addition
  • Raw eggs: whole, raw, no need for shell
  • Cloves of crushed raw garlic: Add now and again for parasite control. 1/3 clove per 25kg of dog
  • Oils: Cod liver oil tablets, 1000mg tablet per 30kg of body weight is average dose, Coconut oil or Pumpkin seed oil. Not vegetable oil.
  • Sardines: Ideally fresh (but freeze first). If tinned only use those in brine, not vegetable oil, and pour off the excess brine.
  • Probiotic yoghurt: Add a scoop now and again, especially after antibiotics.
  • Fish: Recommended to freeze fresh fish for two days as fish can have worms. Fish heads are great – and free.
  • Bone broth – very cool lately, a process where people stew the marrow and what not out of bones and add herbs etc, whatever works for you but I prefer to simply give them the bone itself.

Foods that should never be fed to a dog

  • Wheat: bread, pasta, cereal based food or treats, dental sticks
  • Milk
  • Onions
  • Raisins
  • Grapes
  • Chocolate


“I’m a canine nutritionist and fully realise my dog needs fresh meat and bone. However, I’m also a campaigner for the better treatment of animals. This is why I use Paleo Ridge raw dog food. It’s the most ethical raw dog food company I can find – all outdoor-reared or wild meat mixes and largely organic. Even their packaging is biodegradable. All delivered to your door for no more than the price of their competitors. Nobody gets close.”

Dr. Conor Brady

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