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The Assissi Loop for dogs

Anyone Ever Heard or Ideally Used an Assissi Loop, or Anything Similar?!

A friend of mine has an old dog with bad joint issues, hip dysplasia and canine arthritis. She’s trying everything including a great diet, getting him nice and lean (with good muscle tone), some great natural additions such as good quality kelp, green lipped mussel, chondroitin, Yumove, hydrotherapy and all the bells and whistles, most of which work well. Unfortunately, it is once again, slowly but surely, creeping back in, as it tends to do.

Her hydro guy then told her about the Assissi Loop. This is a device worn around the neck that uses PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) to reduce inflammation which is at the root cause of so many issues today, certainly inflamed joints.

It’s website and explanatory youtube video sounds incredible and my friend is reading some very encouraging reviews. I had a very quick look into the science they say it is based on but they didn’t quote any supportive studies for the device in particular.

In support, a quick trip through Google Scholar reveals copious amounts of very impressive supportive literature on PEMF cited in the most impressive journals, many dating back 50 years:

[On arthritis, a review study concludes…] The analysis of various studies (animal models of arthritis, cell culture systems and clinical trials) reporting the use of PEMF for arthritis cure has conclusively shown that PEMF not only alleviates the pain in the arthritis condition but it also affords chondroprotection, exerts antiinflammatory action and helps in bone remodeling and this could be developed as a viable alternative for arthritis therapy.

Ganesan et al. 2009

I have to say, it looks extremely promising. While I’m unfamiliar with this particular device pulse therapy is used a lot in acupuncture and I have experience of that. I had it on a bad elbow (tennis or golfers elbow, can’t remember which one and neither of which I play a lot of) and I came out after it a cured man. It’s also used a lot in horses and athletes in joint rehab.

In fact, now that I think about it, I was in a top greyhound centre and the guy was showing me this pricey device that uses PEMF post-race to aid healing and repair and no doubt promote quicker recovery.

There must be something to this. However, when not targeted to an area and simply worn around the neck, I have to say I have no idea how.

Would like to know more, does anyone have any first-hand experience of such devices?!

What to do if Your Dog has Stiff or Sore Joints…

For anyone that might have a dog affected by stiff, inflamed joints or arthritis, please remember you must take the following steps before anything else is considered

  • Stop feeding a dry, wheat based diet (it is inflammatory) and poor quality pet treats
  • Feed the dog a fresh, biologically appropriate diet full of joint loving fresh fats
  • Get them very lean using a lean fresh diet and NOT the “light” dry foods sold in vet
  • Add in green lipped muscle (natural health store), a good source of quality DHA and EPA (e.g. krill oil or eskimo oil for humans, buy nothing with the picture of a dog on the front) and chondrotin with MSM (don’t worry too much about glucosamine), or simply pick up a bottle of Yumove which is all these things combined, but pricey.
  • Add in natural anti-inflammatories such as good quality kelp, and make your own Golden Turmeric Paste
  • Make sure their walks are shorter and slower, and give them a comfy bed.
  • Now you try therapies. First and foremost in this respect is Hydrotherapy. I recommend the wonderful Andrew of the  Canine Centre in Dundrum, Dublin, if you’re close by.
  • Once all this is done, maybe start thinking about something like the Assissi Loop!

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