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This is an Article About Cheap Raw Dog Food, not the Best. In my Opinion, Some of the Cheapest is Being Made Available on eBay…

OK, we’re just talking about price in this article. I’m not talking about the best raw you can find, that would be the likes of Paleo Ridge, if you’re in the UK or Ireland, for all the reasons highlighted in this article. In short, I absolutely support any company trying to be as ethical and organic as possible, so they tick a lot of boxes for me, and their prices are still keen.

However, if cheap raw dog food is the sole motivator then this article is for you! Despite what companies in this part of the market try to infer on their labels and write-ups, you guys are going to have to accept that when it comes to cheap raw dog food, folk are generally grinding up carcass (at least if labelled as poultry) and selling it back to you in packets. That’s the truth of it and in my opinion, it’s a statement that describes the majority of raw dog food providers both in Ireland and the UK. It’s at least what you should assume until more is known.

Unfortunately, current labelling laws mean a company that a company is not rewarded for using better bits in their mixes. One might say “chicken” and be using chicken legs (great) the other might say “chicken” and be using carcass (just skin and bone, still OK in small amounts but your dog needs meat muscle more than anything and the definition of a carcass is the muscle is largely removed). So, unlike if they say “tripe” where you can’t go wrong, company’s are not motivated to use better bits and they would be punished price-wise over time if they did.

From this point, some companies include some meatier bits (e.g. tripe or heart) to meaty-up their mixes a bit (common in companies making pre-made “complete” raw) but please know that carcass is making up the mainstay of the raw industry. I have been on the processing floor of some top raw producers and that’s what you’re getting, at around ten times the price you would pay for actual carcass in the butchers, which really annoys me.

It is, for this reason, I urge caution when buying all raw dog food, don’t be placing too high a value on pre-ground stuff, especially if that mince is ground fine (chunky is a lot more trustworthy, they’re not afraid to show you what it contains). It is also for this reason that I say not to spend too much money on products that label themselves as plain “chicken” or “duck” mince for pets. I would assume I’m buying carcass. So, to reiterate, we are talking about CHEAP raw dog food, not necessarily the best!

With More Than 200 Companies in the UK now Producing Raw Dog Food, Many are Putting Their Loss Leaders on eBay to Get Some Attention. Good News for Pet Owners Looking for Cheap Raw Dog Food

I scoured eBay to find you the cheapest raw dog foods. I like the way Ebay’s prices generally include free delivery, at least in the UK. If living in Ireland, you simply have them deliver their product for free to the Parcel Motel address Northern Ireland (instructions below) and use them to ship it down for you for just €7! Here’s a list of some of the most reasonable raw dog food options on Ebay…

Chicken and Tripe, 27 x 500g bags (13.5Kg) + Free 1kg Poultry Necks Just £27.95 (£2.07 / €2.40 per kilo)!!

Cheap raw dog food Dogs First

Cheap raw dog food Dogs First

Produced by a company called Northern Raw Feeds, their chicken and tripe cost £2.07 (€2.40) per kilo delivered to Northern Ireland. While they are not the cheapest for either of these items (that is below) I like that you can get a small mixed box of them, which suits a lot of dog owners. It will then cost you €7 with Parcel Motel to get it to a depot near you (below), bringing the price up to €2.72 per kilo delivered local. This is a LOT cheaper for plain meat mixes than what is currently available in Ireland.

20kg of Chicken Mince just £27.50, That’s Just £1.38 per Kilo Delivered to NI!Cheap raw dog food Dogs First

When it comes to cheap, nobody is putting out cheaper stuff than Nature’s Banquet. They are shipping 20kg of chicken mince to Northern Ireland for as little as £27.50 (€31.86) or £1.38 (€1.59) per kilo. It will then cost you €7 with Parcel Motel to get it to a depot near you (below), bringing the price up to just €1.94 per kilo delivered to a depot close to you.

Chicken Mince, 40kg just £50! That’s Just £1.25 per Kilo Delivered to NI!

In fact, these guys can do it even cheaper if you buy 40kg which you can have for just £50! This is as cheap as ground up chicken carcass gets folks. For Irish customers, if we factor in the €7 Parcel Motel want to get it to you locally, that’s just €1.62 per kilo!!

Green Tripe, 20kg Just £32.50 Delivered Free to NI

Cheap raw dog food Dogs First

Nature’s Banquet is also the cheapest source of green tripe – 20kg for £32.50 (€37.65), or £1.62 per kilo (€1.88/kg) delivered to Northern Ireland. If we factor in the €7 Parcel Motel want for shipping into the ROI, that’s €2.23/kg delivered locally.

Green Tripe, 40kg Just £59.50 Delivered to NI

Nature’s Banquet are going even cheaper here for green tripe if you buy 40kg – just £59.50 (€68.98), or £1.49 per kilo (€1.72/kg) delivered to Northern Ireland. If we factor in the €7 Parcel Motel want for shipping into the ROI, that’s €1.90/kg delivered locally.

Turkey Mince, 22kg just £39.99 (Just £1.82 per kilo) Delivered for Free to NICheap raw dog food Dogs First

A group called Yorkshire Raw Feeds are shipping turkey mince at just £1.82 (€2.11) per kilo. If shipping to ROI, then it becomes €2.43 per kilo delivered locally. That’s cheap for turkey (carcass).

Should you need the bit of variety, these guys also do a mixed game mix box AND a 22kg box of ground duck mince, costing the same as the turkey above. However, I can only imagine, if just grinding duck carcass, the duck could potentially be very fatty and boney, leaving your dog pooing bullets, but I hope I’m wrong (normally duck mince is made meatier with a lot of duck hearts).

Using Parcel Motel

The largest parcel Parcel Motel will deliver to their little lockers (there’s one in every town now) is  41 × 38 × 64cm and the heaviest they will do is 10kg. However, they will take much larger sizes, you just have to drive to your local depot and pick it up. This service only costs €7 from Northern Ireland, which is a steal. In fact, for another €7.95 (so, €14.94 in total), they will deliver this box (via Parcel Force) to your doorstep. More Parcel Motel pricing details here.

All you have to do is sign up with Parcel Motel, give them your ROI address and every package that lands in their NI hub will be automatically sent down to you. If it’s an over-sized parcel (all raw dog food will be) then they won’t use their little lockers and instead hold it in the depot nearest your house where you can pick it up. Strongly recommend you open an account with them. You can also avail of all the free delivery options on Amazon too. As these packages are generally smaller Parcel Motel get the package to a petrol station near you for just €3!

Dr. Conor Brady

After a doctorate studying the effects of nutrition on the behaviour and gut morphology of animals, five years with Guide Dogs as a trainer and supervisor, some success on Dragons Den with the finest raw dog food company and the last few years both writing and speaking on canine nutrition and health, I can say with some confidence that the pet food and drug industry cares not a jot for the health of your pet.
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