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Dr Conor Brady

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I, like you no doubt, have been obsessed with dogs since I was young. After a few years in animal shelters I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up –  work with animals, in particular dogs. Having graduated with an honours degree in zoology in 2002, I obtained a doctorate four years later from University College Dublin, studying the effects of nutrition on the behaviour and gut morphology of mammals. From there, I joined Irish Guide Dogs as a pup supervisor and guide dog trainer in 2006. There I was schooled up on dog training, in particular how to raise and train the ideal pup. This involved coaching the families to get the basics right and in essence guaranteed me 24/7 puppy immersion. It doesn’t really get any better! 

Three years later I moved to Guide Dogs Perth in Western Australia to help develop the pup program there and work as a guide dog trainer. 

Conor Brady on the frontage of the Western Australian

While in Australia I was inspired by guide dog schools like Guide Dogs Queensland and raw pioneer vets such as Billinghurst and Lonsdale to make the pursuit of fresh feeding dogs my full time pursuit. I threw myself back into research and soon after the Natural Dog Seminar was born. What began as a 3hr lecture on canine nutrition has since expanded to cover many aspects of canine health, teaming up with many experts, a gig that has taken me around the world – from Scandinavia to Switzerland, Bejing to Taiwan. My love of dogs, love of research and love of talking, all perfectly combined. Find out more about some of those seminars-come-webinars here…

Dr Conor Brady lecturing in Bejing

A bowl of raw dog food with some Graw Dog Food chubs beside it

In the middle of starting these seminars (and in the midst of a terrible recession!) I was encouraged to return home to form Ireland’s first raw dog food company – Gráw Dog Food (a take on the Irish word for love, grá, pronounced graw). It was really good quality food, I think the best stuff available in the region at the time (though I would say that!). I worked extremely hard trying to get it established but it really my success on the TV show Dragons Den in 2013 that launched the company. By that time, I had had significantly tougher opponents than them so I think all went pretty well…bar the dog not eating the food at the start!!! Car crash for me, TV gold for them! 

That was very hard work but with it I learned so much, from the manufacturing of pet food to the industry itself. I was equal parts fascinated and appalled with how it all worked. A real magic show. An elusion. I started writing online about my ventures. what my competitors were not only up to but prepared to put out. In this way, I am in the relatively unique position of having studied this industry from inside out, dinner to dog.

I moved Gráw Dog Food on three years later. I hated being seen as “just a pet food manufacturer”. And that was my last real job…

Since 2015, I have been back to full-time research. Five full years of research, writing, speaking and consulting on all things canine nutrition and health. In that time I worked on my blog, now read by more than 200,000 people per month which is still very hard to believe but very rewarding.  I have developed many ranges of pet food for various companies. This is one of my flagship efforts Paleo Plus – this is what good, pre-made raw dog food looks like. I also like to tinker with supplements, some of my proudest I are my growing range of seaweed-based nutritional supplements. However, it is my forthcoming book, Feeding Dogs (available Nov 2020), that has consumed the lions share of my time. It’s fair to say it’s an obsession that very nearly broke me. It is to be the first independent, scientific appraisal of the dry versus raw debate. I sincerely hope everyone enjoys it as much as I suffered putting it together.

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