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Turmeric for dogs

Turmeric For Dogs – Natures Most Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

The amount of info about turmeric for dogs is incredible. Unlike most herbal remedies, turmeric has a vast amount of high-quality scientific and clinical studies supporting it and testifying to its incredible anti-inflammatory properties.  The primary pharmacological bit in turmeric is called curcumin (that’s the deep orange colour). Clinical research

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So what's a good diet for dogs

4 Homemade Raw Dog Food Recipes [Quick and Easy]

In this article, I’ll share with you my preferred homemade and natural raw dog food recipes. You’ll find 4 different raw dog food recipes that are tailored to specific dog conditions. In short, I’ll share: Why Raw Dog Food? A life spent eating dry dog food is no life at

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black and white image of a whipworm

Natural Dewormer for Dogs: Cure Worms Naturally

Worms in dogs are rare, contrary to the many scary adverts, and most are relatively harmless anyway. Everyone knows our stance on flea treatments – they’re absolutely unnecessary and potentially very harmful for you and your dog. I strongly advise not to dose a healthy dog with chemical flea treatments. 

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raw dog food guide

How Much Raw Food Should I Feed My Dog?

Initially, moving to a raw diet for your dog can seem a little tricky. One of the most likely questions when shifting to raw dog food is how much should I feed my dog? The answer can be simple (2.5% of his body weight per day, if an adult) but

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weeping eyes in dogs

Weepy Eyes in Dogs – Our Top Natural Solutions

It is usual for dogs to create tears; they lubricate the eyes and create a barrier to prevent debris from collecting on the eye’s surface. However, if you notice your dog’s eyes are watering excessively, it may be a sign of inflammation; something more is happening. Luckily, most of the

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Torn acl in dogs

Torn ACL in Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment & Cost

A common sporting injury of humans and canines (I’ve done my left knee twice, putting the kibosh to a less than impressive footballing career…), a torn ACL in dogs is a nuisance, necessitating some rehab -beginning with rest (confinement), healing and (nourishment) and soon therapy. It’s not the end of

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symptoms of bloat in dogs

Bloat in Dogs: Causes and What to Look Out For

Bloat with torsion in dogs is a scary, painful, often life threatening and all too common occurrence in large, deep chested dogs . As the science is yet to pin a definite culprit, there is a lot of confusion. In this extensive review piece I present the most up to date thinking on the matter and make some important dietary recommendations for at-risk dog owners.

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Everything About Raw

Everything You Need To Know Abut Raw Dog Food In Ten Minutes… Below is a short summary on ten key articles in raw feeding. Each article is linked out to the larger article should you fancy doing a little more research. What do dogs eat? What is raw dog food?

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Some Crucial Notes on Vegetarian Dog Food…

Vegetarian pet food – how right is it for my dog? Recently Lewis Hamilton revealed on his dogs instagram account (250k followers, honestly) his dog is now fully vegan. It was as a result of his other bulldog Coco dying months previously. The dog suffered a myriad of health issues and it was

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What motivates scientists to produce bad science?

The New England Journal of Medicine is one of the world’s most prestigious journals. You can bet your life it’s extremely difficult to get your study published by them. Only the best of the best make it. The most impressive. You get a study in there and doors open.  So

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Feeding Dogs, Now Available on Amazon!

I TOLD you I would get Feeding Dogs out Before Christmas, albeit very much later than hoped… It’s done!  More than 500 pages on canine nutrition and health. More than 1200 references. Countless topics covered. It’s a colossus. I cannot overstate what a relief it is that this book has

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Important Notes on Supplementing Dogs with Vitamins

A note on Dry vs Raw-Fed Dog Blood Readings and what this means to nutrient supplementation …  Your pets’ need of nutrients varies on a daily basis (one of the major reasons you can’t have a “complete” food that suits everyone all the time). Many things affect that need –

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The REAL Epidemic in Ireland

The Spike in Puppy Purchases Reveals Ireland’s Shameful Addiction and Disregard for the Need of Her Dogs… A frustrating post on my Facebook wall over the weekend. It read The cost to buy a puppy during this pandemic is appalling. The greed of the sellers is disgusting. If that’s true,

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The Ever-Evolving World of Canine Nutrition…

The Ever-Evolving World of Canine Nutrition… I heard recently that Einstein once gave a test to his physics students but the questions were the exact same as the year before. Considering the students were now a year older and, presumably, better educated in the physics realm, an observer thought they’d

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Caroline Ingraham, founder of Zoo Pharmacognosy


Zoopharmacognosy Continued: The first two tastes were fine…which turns out is a bit of a worry…! Just a follow on from the Zoopharmacognosy Facebook post yesterday entitled “Give Raw Garlic But Separately to the Food” re garlic selecting in dogs. If you missed it, check it out. We were saying

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Orijen pet food causing DCM in dogs

How is Orijen Dog Food Causing DCM in Dogs?!!

The US FDA Reports That Some of the Biggest Names in More Natural (Meaty, Grain-Free) Pet Food are Causing DCM in Dogs… I’m really confused by this one. The US FDA releases the top 15 dry foods most associated with DCM in dogs according to the reports they are receiving

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green tea for kidney disease in dogs

Top 5 Herbs for Kidney Disease in Dogs

Here are the top 5 herbs for kidney disease in dogs that you mightn’t have heard of but studies show they are the most effective… Organs closest to the digestive system (gut, liver, kidneys) are the easiest to effect with herbal remedies taken by mouth, and the studies absolutely support

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beautiful plate of raw dog food ingredients

The Epigenetic Effect of Food, Part 2 Epigenetic Foods for Dogs

Whole ingredients bestow the greatest epigenetic effects in mice, humans and dogs. Here are the most scientifically supported and likely epigenetic foods in use in dogs today… Part 1 of this article showed us via studies of human populations malnutritioned via famine and socioeconomic decline, of stem cells in culture

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Wild deer of Ireland

4 cats dead from TB after eating raw dog food

Four Cats Dead, TB From a Venison Raw Dog Food Made by Natural Instinct Not sure how many of you heard but four cats came down with TB at the end of 2018 after eating raw dog food produced by Natural Instinct and based on venison. Specifically, it was Wild

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cheap raw dog food

Cheap raw dog food

This is an Article About Cheap Solutions For Raw Dog Food, not necessarily the Best. OK, we’re just talking about price in this article. If cost is a primary motivator for you right now, don’t be put out, you are still trying to make the best decisions you can for

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WSAVA Raw Feeding Statement, Dissected

WSAVA is the World Governing Body for Vets. They lay Down the Rules and They Love Science. Here we Dissect Their Statement on Feeding Pets Species Appropriate Fresh Food… WSAVA, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, the top brass, the head honcho, recently committed an entire three paragraphs of text

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confusing raw dog food labels

Who is Checking Pet Food Labels

Who do you Think is Checking up on Pet Food Labels for you? The latest scandal to hit the human food market was Kerrygold in the US who were labelling their butter as coming from grass-fed cattle, which was desirable in a land where the vast majority of their beef,

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AVMA's statement on raw dog food is hilarious!

The AVMA’s Statement on Raw Dog Food Dissected…

On the “Dangers” of Raw Food, Check out how Hillariously Erroneous the AVMA’s Statment is on Fresh Feeding… You would think the top vet governing bodies in the US (where we take all our canine nutritional queues for some reason), would be on top of things science-wise, wouldn’t you? We

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Something Smells at the Veterinary Evidence Journal…

Following on From Yesterday’s Post, Here is Another Example of a “Study” Published by the Veterinary Journal That Leaves far Questions Asked Than Answered. Something is Going on… Another recent work by Veterinary Evidence Journal. This one authored by a lady with a degree in science, entitled “In Adult Dogs,

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A Constant and Exhausting Tide of Poo…

It’s a Constant and Exhausting Tide of Bullshit. That’s Their Plan. A new “knowledge summary” (a clever way of avoid the use of the word “review”, which it most certainly is not) study in the highly enlightened Veterinary Evidence journal (I would have put Evidence in italics if FB provided

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Some points on two recent raw dog food recalls…

Some points on two recent raw dog food recalls and how they compare to dry pet food recalls… There has been a variety of raw dog food recalls in the past. In 2011, one of Australia’s biggest raw dog food producers, V.I.P. PetFood, was caught using dangerously high amounts of

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The RFVS Conference 2018!

The RFVS Conference 2018, What a Phenomenal Weekend… A few months back the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society took me in as a non-vet consultant. I was really proud about that. All the people I would consider peers are in there, from Billinghurst to Becker to Thompson, and a few others

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Raw Green Tripe

This is Going to get Worse Before it Gets Worse…

Four STEC Infections; one Person Dead After Exposure to Raw Pet Food (but not Really) When you read a title like the above on Food Safety News concerning some humans apparently getting poisoned by raw green tripe, you think you’re going to read something interesting, enlightening or in the least

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feeding dogs bones

Do Raw Meaty Bones Cause Fractures: The Results

We asked 290 Raw and Dry Feeders if Raw Meaty Bones Cause Tooth Fractures, Here are the Results of 541 Dogs… This was the informal questionnaire put to both raw and dry feeders on my Facebook page over the weekend. Some data was excluded on the basis of incorrect submissions.

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Where are you on the dog food scale?!

Where are you on the dog food scale?! There is such a range of pet foods now available to the pet owner these days that it can become quite confusing. Every day I am sent links to products by folk asking me is this good or bad for my dog.

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Bloated Dog

What of Legumes and the Risk of Bloat in Dry-Fed Dogs?

The Recent Trend of Adding Even MORE Fermentable Fibre via Grain-Free Foods Might Pose More, as of yet Undisclosed, Issues for Dogs… Over the last month, there has been a lot of concern regarding “grain-free” dry foods. Our recent article on the risk of DCM in dogs fed grain-free diets

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Once McDonalds brought out the salad, they were doomed!!!

“Once McDonald’s brought out the salad, they were doomed”! These are the words of Bill Burr, my favourite comedian. He was being interviewed on the Tonight Show when he took the perhaps unpopular stance that he felt sorry for McDonald’s. His point was that once they started serving healthy options

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a dog with a carrot on his head

Why you might feed some vegetable matter to dogs…

A comprehensive review of the pros and cons of feeding dogs vegetables, and best advice… Of all the ingredients we can put in their bowl, none create more debate than the mention of feeding vegetables to dogs. A quick trip around the forums reveals a lot of cliques. From the

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pre-rendered meat meal

Rendering plant staff describe meat meal production

Want to know what goes on inside an Australian rendering plant? Listen to what previous staff had to say… Great interview on ABC news Australia this week. It’s fair to say this news company is ALL OVER the latest scandal from Mars Pet Food, this time with their magic Dermal

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Lab-grown meat in a petri dish

Lab-Grown meat hitting shelves by 2019!

WITH LAB-GROWN MEAT POISED TO HIT US SUPERMARKET SHELVES BY THE END OF THE YEAR, HERE’S THE LOW DOWN…AND IT’S ALL GOOD! You heard that correctly. Lab-grown meat, a.k.a. “clean meat”, is coming to a supermarket near you soon. What does this mean for meat eaters, raw-feeding dog owners and

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Duds Update, 8 Months On

DUDLEY 8 MONTHS ON…A NEW DIRECTION… So, this is how Duds walks now, 8 months post op. He’s looking lean and his gait is pretty good, but there is work to be done on his hind muscle mass. On that note, I have an idea…   Just to remind you

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clean dog teeth with dollar sign

Pearly White Profits

How Vets are Being Encouraged to Extract More Money From Pet Owners… I was contacted by a lady yesterday who was entirely exasperated with her vet who had been pushing a dry diet on her mother’s dog as fresh food “is not good for the teeth”. Of all topics to tackle,

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a pouch of freeze dried raw dog food

I Just Tried Some Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food!

Meet Jenny Golsby of The Complete Pet Company, Maker of one of the First Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Foods… I have just been sent a few samples of what is possibly the world’s first, truly-raw-but-freeze-dried raw dog food product. It is made by the wonderful Jenny Golsby in Australia. Jen is

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tins of horsemeat in maxizoo

Would you feed horse meat to your dog?

Did you know that horsemeat was the primary, indeed the only, meat ingredient used in canned dog food until the 1940’s?! Horse was so popular in fact that dog food companies owned their own horse meat supplies. Then WWII, with the ensuing shortage of horses and metal, coupled with the

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medivet logo

Who are Medivet and Why are Mars Interested?!

Who are Medivet?! Ownership of the health profession is every multinational’s dream. To highlight this, let me give you two stories: Highlighted back in 1997 by Parker-Pope of the Wall Street Journal, in a piece called “Colgate Gives Doctors Treats For Plugging Its Food Brands”, Colgate-Palmolive (CP) were the first

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picture of a dog eating raw chicken

It is Highly Unlikely Raw Chicken Causes Paralysis in Dogs

RAW CHICKEN IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY TO CAUSE PARALYSIS IN DOGS… Recently, Melbourne University produced a study investigating Acute PolyradiculoNeuritis (APN) in dogs. This is an immune-mediated peripheral nerve disorder where a suspected trigger is the bacterial pathogen Campylobacter spp. In a piece entitled “Raw Chicken Linked to Paralysis in Dogs”, the university

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Up and down thumbs

About Dog Food Comparison Websites…

All Dog Food Comparison Websites are Affiliate Sites, But What Does That Mean to You the Consumer? There are lots of dog food comparison sites, some more popular and useful than others, so I thought I’d do a quick blog to explain a little about affiliate marketing and what it

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RCVS Publishes Complementary Medicines Statement

Soo, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons UK has released its statement on complementary medicines. Needless to say, it doesn’t bode well for homeopathy… Let’s get straight into it. Please note, I have added italics for emphasis in their comments where necessary. It begins with: We have recently been asked questions about

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Look how many studies support the use of CBD oil…

I was so saddened to read a headline in the yesterday. It read “Epilepsy drug which has left 400 Irish children with disabilities to come under EU review today”… The FACS (foetal anticonvulsant syndrome) Forum Ireland, an umbrella group of patients and disability organisations, estimates that sodium valproate has

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A dog in a walking supportive harness

Dogs in a Box – Week 2 Summary

This week Dudley begins his various therapies, most importantly physio and hydrotherapy. The progress we have seen in this week along is frankly, incredible. On just his second hydro session, just four days after his first, the therapist said this could easily be a different dog. Wait until you see

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a dog pen, used for a dog recovering from a spinal operation

Dog in a Box Part 2 – What You Will Need

Dog in a Box Part 2 – What You Will Need Dudley, a.k.a. the “Dog in a Box”, is recovering from a spinal operation. A ruptured disc, to be exact. This series of videos charters his long road to hopeful recovery and back to rude, waggy health. In this second part

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Dr. Arleigh Jones…Great Video!

Feeding Dogs for the Toughest Endurance Race Imaginable…. I did a seminar for a small group in Dublin recently. There was a great mix of people there, a few Stafford breeders, some Rottie owners and some working dog owners. The latter group were speaking very highly of Dr. Arleigh Jones.

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Yin and yang symbol

On Behalf of the West, I Apologise!

Eastern and Western Nutritional Philosophies Eastern and Western cultures have, on the face of it, quite unique ways of looking at food and nutrition as a whole. However, we both agree on many things: We both agree that proper nutrition is essential for achieving optimal health We both agree individual

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how pet food is scientifically proven

What does “Scientifically Proven”mean?

What Does Scientifically Proven Mean? So, we had quite a heated debate last week on our Facebook page. Debate might be the wrong word mind. It was more of an argument. A scientific debate is where two scientists debate a topic, such as the importance of fresh ingredients or the

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funny dry food label

Why is This dry Food Label so Hilarious?!

Why is This Dry Dog Food Label so Hilarious?! A great pic was doing the rounds the other day. It was held up as an example of how manufacturers will try and jam as many cool buzz words on to their dry food product as possible, bamboozling the owner into

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herb garden for dogs

What to do With all Your Polystyrene Boxes

What to do With all Your PolyStyrene Boxes There is no alternative to a fresh meat diet for dogs and cats. However, the whole process comes with many costs. And no, the financial cost is not one of them as you can feed them fresh food for the same price

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Halal meat in raw dog food

Is There Non-Stunned Meat in Your UK Raw Dog Food?!

The UK Halal Sector and its Implications for Your raw dog Food of Choice… As my recent articles on Halal / kosher meat production in Ireland have indicated, non-stunned meat is not required to be labelled as such for the normal, non-halal market, thus we don’t know if we have

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trust me I'm a vet

Some Bad News, Some Worse Journalism and Good News…

Multinationals Have Turned Veterinary Science Into the Veterinary Industry… I’m not supposed to be blogging on my holiday but I can’t help it. This is just too big and too serious an event. Mars have taken a huge step towards controlling a hefty chunk of the vet hospitals in the US.

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cartoon dog getting sick from a chicken or beef allergy

Chicken or beef allergies in dogs

Ever Wonder how / why Dogs can Suffer Chicken and Beef Allergies?! A New Theory… As I like to say, a dog being allergic to beef or chicken should be as strange as a cow being allergic to grass. So, how can dogs become sensitive to a food group that

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Tips for Buying Dry Dog Food…

Top Tips for Buying the Best Dry Dog Food If you absolutely have to feed dry food, for whatever reason, then it really doesn’t matter who is making or selling your “complete” dry food of choice, as there’s so little between these brands, bar marketing budget. So here’s a few top tips

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fish oil for dogs alleviates inflammation

An Important Note on Fish Oil Supplementation in Dogs

Fish Oil Supplementation in Dogs I just read an interesting point on Patricia Gethin’s excellent forum re fish oil supplementation in dogs. It concerned a dog owner in Australia who had been giving 8 capsules of fish oil tablets to her 3yr old, fresh fed, 80kg Neopolitan Mastiff (example above,

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