Proven Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs…

The sheer amount of info coming out about turmeric is incredible. Unlike most herbal remedies turmeric has a vast amount of high quality scientific and clinical studies supporting it which all testifying to it’s incredible anti-inflammatory properties. The primary pharmacological bit in turmeric is called curcumin (that’s the deep orange colour in there). Clinical research has shown that curcumin is effective in the treatment against all the following diseases in humans (see this Healthline piece for all the references).

  • Inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohns and ulcerative colitis
  • Cancer prevention (so far including breast, colon, prostate, lung and leukemia in children)
  • Improved liver function (by inhibiting free radicle damage of fats)
  • Cardiovascular protection by reducing cholesterol
  • Protection against Alzheimers and Cystic Fibrosis

We can deduce from these human studies that the same applies in dogs (and tests proves it absolutely does) as after all we test all our human products on dogs because they react in the same way to them. We use turmeric for dogs suffering inflammation in their joints as well as those dogs suffering recurring skin and gut conditions (which are the themselves a result of inflammation).

a spoon full of golden paste for dogs

How To Use Turmeric for Dogs

Careful, that deep colour is like a dye! This stuff stains! You can use turmeric as it is, dusting your dog’s food with it. Many do. However there are better ways. Two of the more popular include Turmeric Milk and Turmeric Paste, commonly called Golden Paste, with the latter being almost certainly the most effective.

Turmeric Milk

Simply warm some half a pint of goats milk (don’t give cows milk to dogs and cats), add in a teaspoon of turmeric and a table spoon of manuka honey. This is probably the most common way people consume turmeric, usually as a night time drink!

How to make Golden Turmeric Paste For Dogs:

Add half a cup of turmeric to a full cup of water in a pan. Heat gently (heat to just before steam appears and certainly no boiling) and stir plenty until you get a nice, thick orangey paste. If you feel your paste is watery, add some more turmeric if you feel it has become too think, add some water. Once in paste form add a heaped teaspoon of ground black pepper (black pepper is vital as turmeric is absorbed poorly by the body, piperine present in black pepper helps in its absorption) and a couple of table spoons of extra virgin coconut oil. The coconut oil adds some really good fats to the mix which  increase the absorption of the turmeric by the body (as well as adding other cool bits that are badly needed by an inflamed body such as vitamin E). Keep it on the heat, continually stirring, giving the ingredients a chance to mesh.

Once your mix is ready pour it into a nice sterlised jar (rinse jar in boiling water), pop the top on and keep in the fridge.

Dose: Half a teaspoon per 10kg of dog per day for good benefits.