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Hi Dogs First,
I just wanted to share photos of my rescue Lab girl ‘Poppy’ who had a serious weight problem a few years ago, as you can see from the photos. She has 3 legs so can’t do alot of walking/ running and as a typical lab never stops looking for food. Low cal dried food made her bloat and she started to eat dog poo from lack of nutrition on this vet approved crap.

She started on raw food 2 years ago and has lost the weight slowly but surely. She is an amazing dog – she’s nearly at ideal weight now 🙂
I can’t recommend raw food enough, it has saved her life.

Thanks a million


Deirdre Duffy
Since changing my dogs over to raw, adding Kelp to their diet and putting a water filter in our house, one of my dogs has increased her thyroid levels from 15 to 28! We have also no upset tummies or having to run to the vet with gas build up! I might have been reluctant to feeding raw before, but I am a total convert now!

Thanks for all the info and awareness you bring to us dog owners!

Stina Engström
Hi Conor,

Herbie has been on your graw diet for a year now and i wanted to give you an update. When i first got in touch with you Herbie had been diagnosed with atrophy. He was on tablets that cost €295 euro for 15 and were most likely going to lead to organ problems down the road. Herbie was eating his paws constantly as you can see from the photos a lot of the fur had been licked off and they were red raw.

Thankfully after discussing it with you we decided to start him on fish raw food and the changed was actually very quick. Now after a year of your advice you can see the difference in the photos. We now laugh at how he now looks like he’s got achilles wings on his paws or legwarmers.

I recommend your dietary advice to any owners of itchy dogs. They will not regret it.

Thanks, Audrey

Audrey Gaffney
Hi Conor,

I just wanted to show you Harvey, our 8yr old Cav, who we have been fostering for the last month. I moved him to raw soon after his arrival.

You can see the difference in his weight in the pics already. He’s riddled with arthritis in his back legs, heart murmur, has Episodic Falling Down Syndrome (fits) & walks swinging his front leg (known as a hitler salute!), poor little sod. He was on pain killers every morning & I was told to walk him for 2 x 10min walks.

I make up the golden paste for Doodles (& me) & put him on it – he’s now off his pain killers, walks close to 1hr & I haven’t seen his hitler salute for days! I’m so happy I talked to you at PetExpo 2013!!

Olive Mannion

Olive Mannion

Since starting my two dogs on a raw food diet I’ve seen a massive improvement. They were never really that interested in their dry kibble, especially my little jack russell cross who would leave her food in her bowl all day.

I decided to change to a raw food diet when my 5 year old called Jess started having seizures. I brought her to two different vets who could do very little for her. They said that It might be something that she will just have to live with.

I wasn’t happy with that as the seizures were quite severe and I didn’t want her to have to go through them anymore. An MRI was an option but because it cost €1500 I decided that trying a change in her diet. I researched raw food diets for dogs on the internet and at first started feeding them food I got from the butcher, but that was difficult because I didn’t know if I was feeding them the correct amounts of what they needed. Then I came across Dogs First and after for approximately 4 months and am happy to say that my little one is seizure free.

My other dog, a 9 year old labrador cross called Roxy has also shown a big improvement. She has had a bad back leg for a few years now and ends up stiff if she exercises it too much. Since the change in her diet she is full of energy and is bouncing all over the place. She jumps up on our bed every morning whereas before she would of been in pain if she did so.

I’ve never seen such a change in my dogs before. They absolutely love their food. I’ve never seen them enjoy it so much. They are literally running circles of excitement in the morning waiting to get fed. Lots of people have told me how great they look and I’ve seen it myself. They are in the best condition ever since starting the new diet.

There is no way I would ever go back to what I was feeding them before. I would have done anything to help my little one, I’m just so glad that a change in her diet made the difference and I didn’t have to go down the expensive and worrying route of an MRI and any further treatment. I would definitely recommend anyone to switch to a raw food diet. You need to allow at least 12 weeks for the diet to work and kick out any nasty stuff from the body, even though I saw an improvement way before that.

Karen Lawlor, via Facebook

Karen Lawlor
Hi Conor,

I started my one year old beagle on an exclusion diet as per your directions two months ago and his diarrhoea, weepy ears and eyes have completely stopped!

Kate, text message

German Shepard, Irritable Bowel, two weeks after switching to raw…

“He loves raw! We have added it slowly over the last 3 weeks and he is on it 90% now. I have found it has made a big difference to his poos. They are more solid and lighter in colour. He doesn’t seem to be retching as much and the sicks have disappeared. At the moment it is so far so good…”

Aidan Crean
“We have been with Dr. Brady since September 2012. They eat raw from 4 weeks and nothing else. It is the best food out there, growing dogs optimally which is slowly, solidly, naturally”

Anne and Nikki White
Top Breeders of multi-champion Glen of Imaal Terriers. Among a number of champions, their little guy Homer is champion in Ireland, UK (that’s 21 championships), Sweden, USA

Ann and Nicky White
Hi Conor,

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all your emails replies & advice while I was transitioning to raw – it really has changed our lives! Sounds dramatic I know, but just thinking about it yesterday evening – I used to dread feeding time for Presley, never knowing what to give him to try and get his weight up and stop the almost monthly bowel problems :-/

He always struggled with dry food and never had an appetite for it; we used to give him Science Plan, it didn’t agree with him so moved to Royal Canin.  That was better, in fairness, but always had to add in the trays of natural dog food from pet mania or similar, that would work for a few weeks and then he’d get stomach problems where you could hear it churning 🙁 and he’d have the runs.  I used to bring him to the vet, but stopped cos they just gave him injections each time, so would only give him chicken (cooked at the time) & spuds / rice until it passed.
He was always under-weight I think, even though vet said he was OK.
So was researching on internet and came across raw & your site 🙂

From the first time he nearly took my hand off for more!!! He was following me around for more!! First time I’ve seen him getting excited about food – like night & day…….and we haven’t looked back since!!! He’s put on weight, has zero stomach / bowel problems anymore and loves feeding time!!! Full of beans & drinks very little water anymore – unbelievable difference!

Since raw he is like a new dog – full of life and perfect weight, nice and chunky, the way a Bernese should be 🙂

And Elvie has totally taken to raw now also, even though she never had any issues before, it’s still feels great to give her a bowl of colour instead of dry brown 😀

The difference is amazing, thank you for the GREAT job you’re doing – making a massive difference in dog’s & people’s lives 🙂

Annette Kehoe
Conor’s raw diet advice is fantastic, so convenient for feeding and the dogs love them. I can now send puppies to their new homes with good food. You should see the little babies getting stuck in!”
Annie Taylor
Changed my maltese from a dry food to this as he had really bad tear staining after 2 weeks on this his tear staining cleared up ! Every inch gets gobbled up. He loves it 🙂

Chrissy Mahon, Soopa Dog Treats

Chrissy Mahon
IBS Golden Retriever

Delighted with my retriever’s improvement Conor. Our pup looks so healthy after just one week…….normal poops now for 4 days…… I’m so thrilled – she’s transformed and using her anal glands properly for the first time I think. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us to make life better for our animals!

Eunice Carabine
German Shepherd, Kidney disease & Cancer

Tarry, my beautiful rescued GSD, is 11years old. He is suffering from cancer & kidney issues. On the advice of Dr. Brady, I changed his diet from complete dry food to raw salmon & veg. He is doing amazingly well. He loves his food, is full of energy again and is thriving!

Gill Brady
Kidney Disease and Teeth

My little guy is on a diet for his kidneys. I am following the advice on your website after a big disappointment with Hills Canine Renal Health prescription diet and he is doing great. We will be getting follow up blood tests done in the next week or two.

Also want to mention that we have been using Canident for his teeth for a couple of weeks and it is amazing! I wish I had taken before and after pictures. Even his breath has improved a lot.

Jeanette Cameron
Behaviour, Minature Schnauzer

I couldn’t believe the difference in the dog’s behaviour…..practically overnight….he used to be a nutter now he settles down for a kip after dinner…


Jeremy Heffernan
IBS / Colitis

Our gorgeous boxer pup Kellie was not doing great. Immediately after we collected her from the breeder there was blood in her stool, which was also very loose. She was very very small. She weighed 3,5 kg. according to various boxer sites, she was supposed to be around 7-9 kg. After a week the digestive issues were still bad and the steroids and antibiotics began.

By the age of 5 months she had been on steroids twice and antibiotics so many times that I had lost count. The blood in her stool always returned once the antibiotics stopped. And now new problems emerged as she turned coprophagic (starting eating her own stool).

She was strictly on the vets sensitivity food, but the problem remained. She defecated more than 10 times a day and as a result she did not grow very much. At 5 months she was barely 10kg when she should have ideally been 15 kg. She had undergone so many tests of her liver and digestion yet the vet couldn’t find the cause of her awful health.

I was referred to Conor by a friend and I sent him an email explaining my troubles. Generous as he is he spent a lot of time explaining to me about canine nutrition. I started feeding Kellie exactly as he recommended. He was my last chance to get her back on her feet again.

The most amazing thing happened to my dog two days later – she starting having normal stool, morning and evening. She has is now 11months and we have not been to the vet since. She is growing, she is happy, she stopped eating her stool. She is now a very healthy dog! She is still a small dog but she is great at 21 kg. She is still growing and gaining muscle and is slowly catching up to reach her ideal weight.

She only eats raw, and I would never give her any other dog food. In terms of money it is not an expensive food, especially not if you compare it to sensitive diets and vet bills. I recommend it to any dog owner.

I am so fortunate that I was introduced to Conor. He and raw probably saved my dogs life.

Annika Mortensen
Overweight Dog

Just to say you have done a great job with the raw food for dogs…Ours are looking better than ever! Your advice on Bailey who was slightly overweight has worked a treat!!

Thanks again!!


Martha Mousally
German Shepherd, Liver Problems

Hi Conor,

I was at my wits end until I found your web site! Percy, my 11 year old German Shepherd, had just come back from a day at the vet where we were told that he had liver problems. He was put on the Hill’s Prescription Diet food and while he ate it at first, after a while he started to refuse it. I tried him on the Royal Canin Veterinary hepatic and got the same result – initial interest and after a few days he lost interest. I tried all the usual things – mixing it with all things that usually tempted him. But nothing worked for long. He was losing condition and seemed to have no energy. I honestly thought I was going to lose him.

Then I found your website, Conor. The relief I felt when you said there was something real I could give him that he would eat. I got my duck mince and rice and put it down in front of Percy. Talk about interested!! He loved it. His diet has now progressed to a mixture of Chicken, Duck mince and liver – mixed with Rice. He is also on Milk Thistle to remove toxins from the liver and a Cod Liver Oil tablet, as you sugggested. All of which he eats it with gusto!

His condition has improved dramatically . He is back out enjoying is walks and playing with his ball – 3 months ago, I did not think in would see him do that again.

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for all your help and advice.

Talk soon,


Mary Smith
Lurcher, Heart Murmur

Great news at the vets this morning. Between vetmedin and raw feeding, neighbour dog Darcy lurcher’s heart is now Normal! Many thanks for your great advice on his behalf, Conor!

Mo Ludwig
Terrier, Behavioural Problems

“…I was having a lot of difficulty with them, particularly Bozo’s behaviour, he was a very highly strung dog. Having spent on a lot of money on a number of trainers I eventually found Dr. Conor Brady. After 30mins showing me a few training tips he strongly recommended a change off dry food to raw. I have to say it has been the greatest thing to happen me or the dogs since I had them. Bozo is a new dog, completely calm, focused….far, far easier to train. He listens to me. He settles. Suzie has toned up too as Conor said she would, saving her back. I cannot recommend this food enough”

Nora Kickey
Doodle, Pancreatitis

“Just to let you know Conor, I was at the vets with Doodles and after 7 months of constant pain from pancreatitis, she is now pain free and I am in no doubt it is due to your great food, so thank you so much”

Olive, Julianstown
Doodle Assistant Dog with litter of 8

Recommend raw100% !!! Happily rearing 8 large breed,fat, content puppies from an exclusively raw fed mum, thanks to Dogs First. Surprisingly she only has 6 teats but plenty of milk for everyone! ! Excellent advice for feeding her from Conor.

Orlagh McCarthy (Groomer, Trainer)

Orlagh McCarthy
“Its the goats toe!! Dogs are amazing from it, for the price you really get what you pay for brilliant stuff:-)”
Owne Byrne
Boxer, Digestive Upset

Hi Conor, Taylor is loving her fresh diet. Her flatulence has disappeared! And that’s saying something!! Poo’s are firmed up and greatly reduced, and she is drinking less water.”

Pat Murphy
Irish Setter, Chronic Bloating

On Sunday morning December 12th 2010 Rosco got access to a bag of dried dog food and kept eating even after he was full. We rushed Rosco off to the vets straight away as his stomach was huge. The vet tried to make Rosco vomit up the food but it wasn’t working. The vet then decided to operate on Rosco and removed all the food from his stomach. The vet was astonished at the amount of food that was removed. The vet said the last bit of dried dog food didn’t swell up as there was no fluid left in Rosco’s stomach. If the last bit of food had of expanded Rosco’s stomach would of burst and he would of died.

After the operation Rosco suffered with terrible bloating problems and the vet had no choice to staple his stomach to his intestinal wall. There was many visits and calls to our vets at all hours but our own vet couldn’t do much more for him. We made the decision to bring him to Belfast to see a specialist in 2011. First of all he put him on a cooked spud and fish diet to rule out diet problems which made no difference. He thought it was a protein from one of the raw foods trigger the bloating. With no success from a bland diet Rosco then went on meds for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Helicobacter organisms in the lumen. Lots of steroids and Atopica then followed with no success. Last resort was to add a low profile PEG tube in his stomach wall which will easily allow relief of the bloating – this is a last resort for us. We were out thousands on vet bills and medication. Steriods, immune surpress treatment etc..and nothing worked.

After alot of research I went against the vets wishes and put Rosco back on the raw. I contacted Tom [Farrington] to see what I could give to help. Tom worked with me over the phone whenever I needed him. We started the raw diet again with Rosco, and we added activated charcoal with slippery elm and there was a noticeable difference in his gas problems.

When I first came across Conor’s mixes the ingredients in the fish really got my attention for Rosco. I knew the ingredients would help towards digestion and the digestive system. With Roscos system being so sensitive it was important to put him on foods that were easily digestible. A box was gotten to see how things went…well what can I say 6 days later and there was a difference, the gas had hugely reduced!!! He wasn’t hanging his head down filling with gas after feeds. He was looking to play with the other dogs and enjoy life again. He can never have dried food again so finding a raw product with good quality ingredients is very important to us…so thank you Conor

Rita, Dog Sled Competitor, RitaWilsonPhotography.ie

Rita Wilson
Cavalier King Charles, Chronic Itch and IBS

They both have inherited some of the Cavalier health issues and are on long term medication. As a result of the medication their coats never looked great, but since I started feeding them raw, the condition has improved for both of them – thicker, shinier and generally healthier looking.

Trapper has always been an itchy dog thanks to allergies, but I can honestly say his itching has almost disappeared now, so he’s a happier more content little lad.

Bosco had a lot of colitis when he was a puppy, I was always fussy about giving him and Trapper good quality dry dog food and researched and read up about what were good brands and why.

I never really considered ever giving them raw food until I came across Conor and his gRaw Dog Food. What comes out of the chub looks good. I gave it to Trapper and Bosco and they loved it. The quality of what goes in affects the quality of what comes out 🙂 Smaller, drier better formed poops, all for roughly what I was paying for their dry food!


Shirley Burke
“One of our lads Barney, had constant tummy troubles. We couldn’t get the condition on him. Tried the vets and al the drugs they recommended but nothing was working. After a fortune was spent one conversation with Dr. Brady had it sorted. We switched him to gRAW. He is back in top optimum health and competing again! The Suraliam Team all eat raw.”

Sue and Ralph Holmes
Owners of Suraliam kennels, Ireland’s Top Siberian Husky Breeders
Multiple Irish and English Champion huskies

Sue and Ralph Holmes
Brown Doberman, Recurring Skin Issues

Riva (2 year old Doberman ) has been on raw since June 2013 following extensive treatment at the vets for skin problems. From 8 weeks she was constantly itchy, at various times her skin was inflamed, scabby, flaky and above all very smelly. She scratched out much of the coat along her top line and I had tried every topical treatment I knew of. She also frequently had runny stools regardless of which food I tried her on. As a professional groomer , she was not a good advertisement for what I do !!

Within 8-10 weeks of starting on the raw diet her skin was transformed. She is not at all smelly now, rarely even needs a bath, her coat has returned along her topline and she looks amazing. Her stools were solid from day one and she produces about one third of the amount that she used to on dry food. She was never a greedy dog while on dry food but she absolutely adores any of the raw food I offer her now, and leaves nothing in the bowl.

I highly recommend raw to my clients now, especially those whose dogs have ongoing skin issues. Riva is proof that you are what you eat!!’

Suzanne O’Sullivan,
Top Groomer
Dogs Body Grooming Salon, www.dogsbody.ie
Groomer of the year 1997,1999, 2002.
Joined Guild Of Master Groomers in 2007.

Suzanne O'Sullivan
High pH

I reduced the pH of my dog in a couple of days where all other dry foods failed.

Tina Richardson
“Could not visit a better page for canine advice!”
Trish Darragh Foster
Labrado, Chronic Itch

Hi Conor. I can’t thank you enough for bringing your fantastic products to the market. I had spent a fortune on vets bills and medication to try to “cure” my poor itchy dog, even buying expensive scientific dry food, all to no avail.

Once I started giving him your recipes he hasn’t looked back. All hair that he lost from sickness and steroids grew back and the constant itching and licking has virtually disappeared. He’s glowing with good health and vitality and the poos (musn’t forget the poos!) are so much reduced and much easier to deal with.

The general health and feeding advice on Dogs First Facebook page has been invaluable in Cisco’s road to recovery. Keep up the good work!

Yvonne Ward Garrigan
Hi Conor, I *finally* switched to raw food! i cannot even begin to tell you how much different my pups are, and that’s only after 3 weeks in. Coats are amazing, eyes sparkling, much better form. They are even getting along together better (the two boys aren’t good friends).

Hi Conor,

Just thought I’d give you an update on Sam.  You and your website were a great help last month as I struggled to get his dietary related health problems under control.

Surprisingly, he loved the raw turkey and took to it straight away.  And as promised, his vomiting/diarrhoea cleared pretty quickly.  I’ve been introducing duck very slowly (he’s not as mad about it as the turkey) and I’ve started him on a cod liver oil supplement.  I also give him the odd small tin of tuna if he seems to be particularly hungry (he gets 2 x 150g raw meat).  We have discovered (the hard way for all involved!) that any dog treats or table scraps (incl. chicken) will set off the diarrhoea again quite quickly. But overall, he’s a lot better and looks to have regained a little weight.

Nuala Kenny, Your Content Goes Here

DOGS FIRST and Dr. Conor Brady have been such an invaluable help since I started feeding my dogs’ raw food. In that and other subjects his replies and advice have always been on point, with a down to earth approach and a little humour thrown in. One of the best groups on Facebook, in any subject.

Catherine Harvey

When my German Shepherd puppy was about four months old ate something he shouldn’t have and became very sick. At first his stools were very loose then after a few days, they began to look like porridge. I was going to the vet weekly – trying different foods (dry and expensive) and medication. The vet took blood and stool samples. Nothing showed up. And nothing worked!

Then I found dogsfirst.ie, did a bit of research and decided my dog had nothing to loose by switching to raw food. I did a very slow transition (9 days) that was described very clearly on this website. On the 10th day I changed completely to raw food. Within three days my dog had perfectly formed stools.  The support and advice I got from dogsfirst.ie and Conor was great.

We haven’t looked back. My dog is now a year old. He hasn’t had any more problems with his tummy or bowels, his coat is beautiful and his teeth are white. Because the ph of his stomach has changed, and he still eats things he shouldn’t, he doesn’t get sick.

When he was on dry food he would only eat about half of what was given to him. Now he ‘dances’ when I am getting his food ready. He eats the whole bowl of food in less than a minute. He is a much happier dog. I would definitely recommend raw food

Cathy Andrews

Thanks for your great articles and advice. My very old rescue dog was suffering from minor but recurring health issues- diarrhoea, scratching/skin irritation. He was also irritable and becoming slightly less than the placid dog he always was.  Learning about raw food was the key to his improvement. He is a healthier and more energetic dog these days! Thanks so much.

Shauna, Your Content Goes Here