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benefits of fresh feeding

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Here are just some of the benefits of a raw dog food diet…

Learn about the Raw Food Diet with Dog Nutrition Specialist Dr. Conor Brady

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saved my dog's life

Utterly brilliant. Following Conor’s advice has literally saved my dog’s life. Feeding Dogs is a wonderful book, easily accessible. Scientific, beautifully researched. This should be compulsory reading for veterinary training. I believe all my dogs will live longer healthier lives with the knowledge I have gained from this book.

ray, 7/4/2023


Improved drastically

Our  Boston terrier Bruce had been suffering from recurrent regurgitation, gagging sounds and weight loss for over 4 months. Since taking the advice of Dr Conor, Bruce symptoms reduced drastically. Slowly, he seems to getting back to his playful personality. This course has been a blessing, so much knowledge is shared. His tips are no-nonsense and straightforward. Highly recommended and your dog would definitely thank you.

owen, 11/06/2023


miracle product

We had what we thought was a very fussy St Bernard who was a nightmare to feed! He would also get mad zoomies after he did eat – after two weeks on this he is LOVING all his food! He’s always calm and happy after each meal! I’m so amazed at the change in him! And just regret we didn’t find it sooner for him!

Laura, 16/7/2022

Why Dogs First?


Because I literally wrote the book on Raw Feeding Dogs!

I’m Dr. Conor Brady, author of Feeding Dogs, the top rated manual on canine nutrition on Amazon. I am an award winning pet food manufacturer, and I hold a doctorate in the effects of nutrition on the behaviour & gut morphology of mammals.

I’ve been doing this a long time – researching, writing and reporting on the pet industry from the inside out. It’s clear there is a dizzying amount of bad information out there and people are confused. 

Dogs First was established to provide pet owners with a source of trusted, no-nonsense, well researched, factual information. I have no agenda to sell you a specific food product and I will always, always put the dog first.

Top rated according to Book Authority

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Dogs First Courses

For those who like to nerd it up a little, come with Conor down various rabbit holes and see why his courses and lecture style are often considered the very best in the business…

How we can help you !!!

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Online Articles

Everything you need to make the leap to a better diet and life for your pet, and it’s free to read on our site.

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Online Courses

Our most affordable way to get started in improving your dogs health at your own pace. Up to date info delivered lecture-style by Dr. Conor.

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1-to-1 Consults

1-to-1 assistance with the transition from dry or specific dietary advice for a health condition. Limited timeslots available.

Online Consultations

Should you need a little extra hand-holding, we’re here to help. We have a range of live Zoom consult options including raw feeding consults for folk new to the game or with questions concerning their current approach, health consults for those with a particular condition and new puppy consults for those hoping to start off on the very best path for their little one. You choose your time and whether you need Karen or Conor at the other end of the line!


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From the vet health professional to canine professional to the avid canine enthusiast, Feeding Dogs is a fascinating, at times shocking and utterly essential portrayal of canine nutrition today. With a clear and tangible passion for the subject but with an entertaining, highly readable style, Dr Conor Brady forensically translates the available research on a great variety of topics, detailing for us not only what dogs should eat but what they are currently being fed. 

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Dogs First was established to give dog owners no-nonsense, well-researched, factual information on all things canine nutrition and natural health.

It’s clear there is today a terrible amount of bad information out there, much of it a result of the unregulated influx of corporate cash into our veterinary sector. We’ll do our best to protect you from the worst of it but for now trust absolutely nothing in a packet with a picture of a dog on it.