Dogs First is all about natural dog health. The word “natural” is carefully alienated from modern medicine over the last few decades. This isn’t always in our best interests.

Natural dog health concerns the fact that there is a great variety of natural, home-remedy bits and pieces you can be doing and including in the background to boost the health and longevity in your pet, most of which can be done alongside a conventional approach to veterinary medicine. All except proper feeding, of course. There is simply no replacement for a fresh, species-appropriate diet (raw dog food) in your dog. This most certainly should replace dry, kibbled food. But natural dog health goes beyond simply the right food. It includes

Questioning the need for monthly chemical flea treatments in dogs with no fleas. Moreover, there are many natural treatments for same
Chemical worm treatments the same (you can send their poo off for a simple worm count. Cheap and definitive, if you find an issue, which is unlikely, you can treat them then, ideally using a natural approach first).
Annual boosters in dogs already adequately vaccinated for viruses as a pup?! And don’t get us started on the kennel cough “vaccine”…
Natural alternatives for anti-inflammation, from simply adding omega 3 into their diet to making some Golden Turmeric Paste or adding some key plant additions known for their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory potential
Food and natural solutions for a great variety of maladies, including arthritis, anal glands, diarrhea in dogs, kidney disease, pancreatitis, skin issues, among many others

Where are you legally buying a sick dog?

Where are you legally when you buy a pup but very soon you realise the dog has a major health issue, one that mightn't have been disclosed to you?  I was contacted by a concerned…

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Top 5 Herbs for Kidney Disease in Dogs

Here are the top 5 herbs for kidney disease in dogs that you mightn't have heard of but studies show they are the most effective...Organs closest to the digestive system (gut, liver, kidneys) are the…

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4 cats dead from TB after eating raw dog food
Image courtesy of Decla Roche

4 cats dead from TB after eating raw dog food

Four Cats Dead, TB From a Venison Raw Dog Food Made by Natural Instinct Not sure how many of you heard but four cats came down with TB at the end of 2018 after eating…

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